How to grow your rafting business in 2024: 5 tips!

by Rita Costa

Elevate your rafting centre's success in 2024 with these five easy yet powerful strategies.

From innovative booking solutions to customer engagement tactics, these tips will help you make the most of 2024 and achieve new goals!

1. Activity vouchers

Turn your activities into vouchers and encourage guests to purchase vouchers during the off-season to ensure a consistent revenue stream throughout the year. Vouchers allow customers to buy now and schedule adventures later, providing a financial boost when bookings are lighter. Consider special package deals to entice customers into investing in future visits, fostering anticipation and loyalty.

2. Exclusive memberships

Introduce membership programs to turn one-time visitors into repeat customers. Exclusive perks such as discounted rates, priority booking, and members-only events incentivise sign-ups, generating recurring revenue and building a sense of community.

3. Strategic discounts

Craft well-timed promotions and discounts to attract new visitors and retain existing ones. Limited-time promotions or off-peak discounts can fill empty slots and keep your team engaged. Thoughtfully designed promotions can turn slower days into an opportunity to reach new audiences and maintain excitement.

4. AI-enhanced efficiency

Use AI in your business and make your life easier and more efficient! eola uses AI to review customer questionnaires, providing in-depth insights and saving hours of manual analysis. We have continuously tested this feature and found that it minimises human error, allowing for more accurate and personalised customer interactions.

5. User-friendly online booking system

In the dynamic world of activity and experience bookings, having the right online booking system is pivotal. A seamless online booking experience is key to ensure you don’t miss out on bookings. eola's booking system is designed for rafting centres, featuring real-time availability, easy payment processing, and efficient management tools to enhance customer satisfaction and increase bookings. Learn more here.

By adopting these strategies, your rafting business can not only anticipate a successful 2024 season but also establish a foundation for long-term growth. Dive into the future with eola's innovative solutions and watch your rafting centre thrive.


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