Good news! eola now supports Facebook Pixel integration

by Daniel Steele

We’re delighted to announce that eola now supports Facebook Pixel!

By integrating seamlessly with Facebook Pixel, eola allows partner businesses to directly measure the impact of social media advertising campaigns on bookings, as well as build custom audiences and optimised campaigns.

facebook pixel integration

How does Facebook Pixel work?

When someone visits your website via an advert on either Facebook or Instagram, any actions they take, such as making a booking via the eola booking widget, can be tracked by the Facebook Pixel. You can review this data via Facebook Business Manager, and see how effectively your adverts are driving bookings.

You’ll be able to retarget people that have previously interacted with your website building a Custom Audience. As more and more social media leads convert into booked customers, Facebook will develop an understanding of your audience, and optimise the delivery of adverts. This will lead to more bookings long-term, with no extra work on your behalf.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with all the tools they need to not only take bookings and manage their businesses, but grow them too. Facebook Pixel is a great tool for boosting the efficiency of your online advertising, and we’re thrilled to now offer integrated Facebook Pixel tracking.”

Jamie Horne, product manager, eola

Once you’re set up, you can review all your analytics data via Facebook Business Manager. For more information, take a look at Facebook’s handy guide.

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