Stand-up paddleboarding near Birmingham

by Daniel Steele

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is sweeping the world by storm at the moment. Given that it's such an accessible sport it's easy to see why it's the fastest growing water sport. 

The thing that makes SUP so great (especially for us city dwellers) is that unlike Surfing or Kitesurfing all you need for SUP is a body of water - and there is plenty of that in or around Birmingham! 

Here are our top picks for places to SUP in or around Birmingham.

Cliff Lakes, Birmingham

Recommended school: Central SUP

What we love: 

Easily reachable from all over Birmingham meaning there is no hassle in trying to organise transport and means one less thing to worry about when trying to get out on the water. Coupled with amazing views and a variety of great routes to explore, this really is a brilliant place to SUP. We'd recommend giving SUP Polo a go, a new addition to the sport of SUP which will further hone your skills in a more competitive environment. This is best to do with a group of friends or family so that you can get a good game on the go! 

Travel: Only a 30min drive from Central Birmingham.

Llangollen canal

Recommended school: Stand up paddle board UK

What we love: Reasonably close to Central Birmingham, and well worth a visit. There's a wide diversity of water ways to explore, all suitable for varying levels of experience and skill. Two particular cool points about here is you have the opportunity to White Water SUP, which is a must do for more experienced SUP'ers. Secondly, and our personal favourite, you can also take your furry friend (Your dog!) for a SUP!  

Travel: Slightly further afield meaning a 90min drive from Central Birmingham, but the opportunity to White Water SUP and SUP with your dog is unmissable!

Yarwell, Peterborough

Recommended school: Adventure Rutland

What we love: Beautiful lake side views and fantastic facilities make this a great place to spend a day or weekend. We'd recommend the 'SUP Group River Nene Trip' as you can spend either 90 mins, half a day or a full day exploring the beautiful surroundings. There are also a host of other activities to do in this area ranging from water sports to rock climbing to mountain biking. 

Travel: Again this one is a tad farther from Central Birmingham, but the 90min drive is well worth it due to the broad range of activities and the possibility to stay the night on site.

Now that you're all inspired to go SUP'ing why not book your next trip with eola?

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