Places to go surfing near Birmingham

by Daniel Steele

Want to go surfing and you live near Birmingham? Of course the obvious choice is Devon or Cornwall, but if you're looking for something closer than a four to five hour journey then we have all the info you need below.

Aberystwyth, Wales

What we love: Here, there is a wide range of spots for various levels of surfer. It's surrounded by gorgeous scenery which is relatively unspoilt. Combining this with a season which is much quieter than its more renowned neighbours, it makes Aberystwyth a hidden gem which should be high on the priority list of surfers.

Travel: 3 hour drive from Birmingham.

Recommended School: AberAdventures

AberAdventures is based in Cardigan Bay, and has been helping new surfers for over 10 years. They're a very friendly team, that promise a second-to-none experience, and given the backdrops of the Snowdonia national park, it makes for a stunning experience.

Abersoch (Llyn Peninsula), Wales

What we love: Loads of different spots to explore, the occasional dolphin visit!  

Travel: 3 hour drive from Birmingham.

Recommended School: Hell's Mouth Surf School

Porthcawl, Wales

What we love: Range of spots in a small area, consistent waves and easy to get to! 

Travel: 2.5 hours drive from Birmingham.

Recommended School: Porthcawl Surf School, or Cressey's Surf Academy.

Newgale Beach, Wales

What we love: Plenty of space on the long, two mile stretch of flat sand, consistent surf, safe beach with lifeguards. The beach has been awarded a European Blue Flag for the cleanliness of the water. There are also a cafes at both ends of the beach.

Travel: 3.5 hours drive from Birmingham.

Recommended School: NewSurf

Now that you know about all the surfing spots near Birmingham all that's left to do is arrange a visit. You'll find a wide range of schools on eola where you can easily book a lesson.


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