5 reasons to try kitesurfing

by Ed Scott

Kitesurfing combines the best of sailing and surfing into one thrilling activity. Floating across the water's surface, kitesurfers are able to reach fantastic speeds by harnessing the power of the wind - they can take to the air!

Although it was only invented in the 1970s, kitesurfing, also known as kiteboarding, has grown to become one of the world’s most popular watersports. So much so that, in 2024, it will make its debut at the Paris Olympics.

Here are five reasons why you should give kitesurfing a go.

hooked kitesurfing duncannon ireland
Source: Hooked Kitesurfing

Give your brain a boost

Let's not beat about the bush - kitesurfing is intense! It's a salt-soaked adrenaline sport that demands focus and concentration. In other words, it's the ultimate pick-me-up!

Give your mind a refresher and spend some time getting ‘in the zone’. Afterwards, as your hair dries in the evening sun, you can grab a bite to eat to replenish those gently aching muscles, and revel in the memories of a day well spent!

get kiteboarding chichester west sussex
Source: Get Kiteboarding

Harness the wind!

Next time you’re out in nature, stop and listen to the wind for a while. It’s always there, blowing one way or another, but unless it’s a particularly blustery day, we rarely give it much thought. 

For kitesurfers, the wind is everything, and you’ll delight in using it to propel yourself along the water’s surface. Even calm coastal bays like the Duck Pond in Exmouth can offer superb winds for kitesurfing. There’s no beating the adrenaline rush that comes from catching a gentle breeze and lifting off! 

edge watersports exmouth
Source: Edge Watersports

Discover beautiful places

From the craggy cliffs of Southern Ireland to the magical solitude of the Northumberland coast, the British Isles are home to some of the world’s best coastal landscapes. Kitesurfing lets you appreciate these landscapes from a new perspective. Whether you’re zipping past an isolated bay or gazing out at distant rolling hills, it’s a thrilling way to see the world! 

ka adventure sports kitesurfing northumberland
Source: KA Adventure Sports

Get fit and strong

Kitesurfing is the ultimate all-body workout. From steering with your arms and upper body to balancing with your legs and core, you can be sure that after just a handful of sessions you’ll have gained some serious strength. 

Plus, adrenaline-fuelled activities like kitesurfing have been shown to improve heart health, the immune system, reflexes, and concentration. So you can reap the rewards of an afternoon on the water long after you return to land! 

nomadic kitesurf calshot
Source: Nomadic Kitesurf

Learn and develop your skills

Learning to kitesurf takes a bit of time. From balancing on the board to mastering the wind, there are a number of techniques you'll need to pick up, one by one, before you can combine them and take to the water.

In the hands of a great instructor, though, this learning curve is completely manageable, and the end result is an exhilarating sport that's unlike any other!

Besides, until you give it a go, who knows? You might just be a natural!

lewis crathern kitesurfing brighton
Source: Lewis Crathern

We hope this article has inspired you to give kitesurfing a go. Whether you’re a complete newcomer to watersports or a seasoned veteran, you can be sure to leave with a smile on your face!

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