Outdoor activities to do this Spring

by Rita Costa

Spring is one of the best seasons for families to venture outdoors and experience the thrill of nature together. With the weather warming and nature blooming, it’s the perfect time to get outdoors and explore a range of activities. Here are our top 5 outdoor activities to do this Spring, ideal for families and groups of friends!

Raft building

Raft building is an adventure that combines creativity, teamwork, and a bit of friendly competition. Groups are tasked with designing and constructing their own rafts using the materials provided, before putting them to the test on the water. It’s a fantastic way to engage everyone’s problem-solving skills and creativity while having a blast!

Where can I do this? Elemental UK offers a unique raft building experience at their beach locations, perfect for families looking for a challenge and a good laugh. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, families can learn the basics of raft building and water safety.

Outdoor activities to do this Spring

Explore the forest

Take your family on an enchanting forest guided exploration tour. It's an educational journey through nature, where you can learn about the ecosystems, identify plants and wildlife, and enjoy the tranquility of the forest.

Where can I do this? Antur Natur specialises in forest exploration activities, making it a great option for families eager to connect with nature. Their expert guides enhance the experience with their knowledge and stories, creating a fun and informative adventure for all ages!

Outdoor activities to do this Spring


Archery is a classic outdoor activity that teaches focus, precision, and patience. It’s an engaging way for families and groups of friends to learn a new skill together, offering a mix of individual challenge and team support.

Where can I do this? Prima Archery provides an accessible and enjoyable archery experience, suitable for beginners and more experienced archers. With a focus on safety and fun, their sessions are designed to give groups a fulfilling and memorable day out.

Outdoor activities to do this Spring


Orienteering is a great way to combine physical exercise with mental challenge. It involves navigating through a series of checkpoints using a map and compass, perfect for adventurous children looking to explore the great outdoors while honing their navigational skills.

Where can I do this? Edusports hosts orienteering activities that are both fun and educational. Their Activity Days encourage children to work together through various outdoor activities, making it an excellent opportunity for bonding and outdoor learning.

Outdoor activities to do this Spring


Kayaking down the serene rivers of Richmond is an idyllic way to enjoy spring’s beauty. It’s suitable for all ages and offers a peaceful yet adventurous experience, allowing families to paddle at their own pace, explore the waterways, and perhaps spot some wildlife along the way.

Where can I do this? Back of Beyond Adventures offers kayaking experiences in Richmond that are perfect for families and groups of friends looking to enjoy the outdoors. Their guided tours ensure safety and provide all the necessary equipment, making it an ideal choice for those new to kayaking or seeking a leisurely adventure.

Outdoor activities to do this Spring

Spring is the time to get your friends and family out of the house and enjoy the outdoors together! If you’re looking for more ideas, check out Best places for white water rafting in Wales and Top 7 places to go standup paddleboarding in London.

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