5 of our favourite watersports blogs

by Daniel Steele

Every day, Dan and I spend time learning about watersports. We want to learn everything we possibly can about the people and places. As a result, we have read a very large amount of blogs over the last few months.

Anyway, here’s a few that we’ve read in the last month that made us smile, laugh, and feel generally inspired.

Wake Up Stoked

Link to blog here

Main sport - Kitesurfing

Miriam from Wake Up Stoked
Miriam - by Wake Up Stoked

Miriam is very enigmatic, and has an absolute passion for her sport. This comes out in really exuberant articles filled with interesting stories, detailed spot guides and great little to make your kitesurfing life easier and your progress faster. You can almost feel the warmth and energy and excitement from just reading and watching.

Combining this with great photography and design, it’s a blog you’ll struggle to leave, and you’ll definitely want to travel to some of the incredible places she talks about!

What it reminds us of : A summer holiday with gorgeous beaches, endless sun and sky, and a wind to dream of

Kernow Surf Girl

Link to blog here

Main sport - Surf

Polzeath by Kernow surf
Watergate Bay - by Kernow Surf

Kirsty is super friendly and honest and charming. Its heartfelt engagement means you immediately warm to the writer. It’s easy to empathise, and find yourself recognising your own challenges and struggles. At all times, you find yourself rooting for Kirsty, and appreciating her down to earth, honest style.

Her love for Cornwall is readily apparent, and she describes a generous, friendly community of folk who support each other. 

What it reminds us of : A warm autumn surf near a beautiful English country town, with a great hot chocolate to follow

Kelly Says Surf

Link to blog here

Main sport - Surf

Hannah and Danni from Kelly says surf
Hannah and Dannie - by Kelly Says Surf

Ok, these two are just crazy. Hannah and Dannie have fantastic chemistry and most of their work just seems to be a live stream of them having a wild time. It’s really easy to watch, and we promise you won’t stop grinning.

They are friendly, amicable, and utterly irreverent. One of the best things they do is show how great the surf can be in the UK all year round. Sometimes, just a bit of positive attitude, and good company, and you can have the greatest time of your life.

What it reminds us of : All those times you and your friends just messed around together thinking no one was watching and took random but amazing road trips.

Over the dune

Link to blog here

Main sport - Surf

Friends of Over the dune
New friends & good surf - by Overthedune

Sam’s a solid guy. His blog is a no-nonsense guide that somehow manages to achieve convincing you to feel more comfortable with being a beginner, while also telling you to be scared.

It’s a fantastic series of anecdotes, stories, and guides, and it works to really soothe a lot of your fears. It shows you that there is nothing wrong with being a beginner, and aims to hold your hand, and help you along.

What it feels like : It’s that friendly pro chilling out on the water, helping you out when you struggle, and not laughing when you make an idiot of yourself

Lizzie Outside

Link to blog here

Main sport - Paddbleboarding

Loch Sunart in Scotland by Lizzie Outside
Loch Sunart - By Lizzie Outside

Lizzie’s story is wonderful and inspiring. She lives every day to its fullest, and as a result, encourages you to do the same. Reading her blog is a story of aspiring and overcoming. She’s done some incredible things, and shows off the beauty of places that you would never expect.

Every post makes you think about your own strength, and seeks to show you how you too can live your best life. Her photographs and videos feel very natural and unvarnished, and as a result feel surreally beautiful

What it feels like : Starting a new year’s resolution, full of hope and inspiration. It’s up to you to succeed, and nothing can stand in your way

As a note, none of the bloggers reached out to us, or asked us to write about them. We found them, and just want to share their stories with you.

Main photo by Frank Mckenna on Unsplash

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