Best places to go surfing near London

by Rita Costa

Near London, the top surfing spots include Broadstairs for beginners and longboarders, Joss Bay for diverse waves, Littlehampton for beach breaks, Brighton for a vibrant surf culture, Eastbourne for sheltered conditions, and West Wittering for scenic, uncrowded surfing. Each location is within a two-hour journey from the city, offering a variety of waves suitable for all levels, find out more about each spot in this blog post:

Looking for a coastal getaway from the urban hustle? Explore the UK's vast, scenic coastlines and their inviting sandy beaches by checking our top surf spots near London, all within a mere two-hour journey from the heart of the city!

  • Broadstairs, Kent: This charming seaside town boasts two excellent surfing locations. Viking Bay, the primary beach, offers a clean, more sheltered wave, ideal for longboarders, especially at low tide near the harbour jetty. Beginners will find the bay's inside welcoming, with conditions favourable throughout the tide. Optimal surfing times are around low tide. Adjacent to Viking Bay is Joss Bay, celebrated as Kent's premiere surf spot, with sand bars and chalk reefs. Although the beach break can be challenging at high tide, the reefs provide consistent left and right waves. The best conditions are found from mid to low and low to mid tide, where sand bars form desirable wave sets.

    Kent Surf School stands out as our go-to surf school on Viking Bay. Their great team of instructors offers fun lessons and straightforward equipment hire!

    Getting There: A train from London St Pancras reaches Broadstairs in just 1 hour 20 minutes, or drive in about 1 hour 40 minutes (82 miles).

    Surfing in Broadstairs, Kent
  • Littlehampton, West Sussex: Known for its modest yet significantly exposed beach break by the harbour entrance, Littlehampton offers favourable conditions at high tide, particularly with east/southwesterly swells. While it can get busy, the beauty of the location makes it a must-visit. Winter months are ideal for catching the perfect wave.

    Get Kiteboarding is a kiteboarding and surfing school in West Sussex just outside of Littlehampton. Bracklesham Bay is a great place for beginners and experienced surfers alike! There, you can even take your surfing skills to the next level by trying kitesurfing as well for a new skill to master! 

    Getting There: It's a 1 hour 45-minute train ride from Central London or a similar duration by car (65 miles).

    Surfing in Littlehampton, West Sussex

  • Brighton, East Sussex: The surf scene is a vital aspect of Brighton's vibrant culture. The Marina area offers the best breaks, with the Wedge known for its superior waves during favourable conditions. West Pier is preferred for longboarding, especially at low tide. For the largest swells, aim for November to January, though summer is great for socialising with the local surfing community along the beachfront bars and restaurants.

    Brighton Kitesurf & SUP Academy is our pick to explore this amazing area. Lancing Beach has shallow calm water with sand underfoot making it the premier kite beach on the South Coast for teaching, even used by the British Kitesports Association for national and local competitions. All of their instructors are affiliated with the British Kitesports Association, making it the best place to learn. Plus, once you are ready to fly solo they can set you up on their teaching beach and they will help make sure you are safe and ready to go!

    Getting There: A quick hour by train from London or around 1 hour 30 minutes by car (55 miles).

    Surfing in Brighton, East Sussex

  • Eastbourne, East Sussex: Offering splendid facilities and a variety of water sports, Eastbourne's sheltered beach break shines at mid tide, suitable for all levels of surfers and best with a south to southwest swell.

    Getting There: The train from Central London takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes, or drive in about 1 hour 50 minutes (74 miles).

    Surfing in Eastbourne, East Sussex
  • West Wittering, West Sussex: A pristine location for those seeking less crowded waves and a warm local community. Optimal surfing is just before high tide with a southwesterly swell, with the best waves from September to April. Summer may see more surfers.

    Getting There: From London, travel takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to Chichester station, followed by a 15-minute taxi ride to the beach. Alternatively, it's a 1 hour 50-minute drive (85 miles).

    Surfing in West Wittering, West Sussex

Make the most of the UK's stunning coastline, whether you're a seasoned surfer or a beginner eager to catch your first wave, these destinations promise amazing views and unforgettable experiences!


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