A note on 2020 from Callum - CEO

by Callum Hemsley

This past year has been one of many challenges and hardships. It has also represented a truly groundbreaking time of togetherness and community.

Wherever I have looked, I have seen great compassion as the world has come together to fight overwhelming circumstances.

the year of the video calls 2020

Though we start 2021 still in the middle of this outbreak, for the first time it feels like the end is in sight. We can see a world where the COVID-19 pandemic is brought under control, and life can begin to return to something like normal. 

This will not be the same normal as before, but a new era that will look very different to most of us. It is our belief that we together can create a better, more empathetic world; connecting people in new ways and empowering more people to live the lives they wish to lead. With a bit of luck we hope to get more people outdoors experiencing wonderful new adventures.

kayaking in the sunset

For eola - a young start-up working with travel and leisure businesses - 2020 has been a monumental challenge.

We invested where we could to significantly expand our technology and provide hope and opportunity to our partners. Our focus has been to support them in their goal to provide their services where restrictions allowed.

surfer on a beach

We experienced difficulties like never before, and had moments where it felt like we were running out of options. 

Despite the challenges, we too found a way to thrive.

  • We grew by more than 5x on the previous year
  • We facilitated more than 100,000 people getting out and participating in wonderful experiences
  • We kept every member of our team, and in fact doubled the size of it
  • We saw our first month generating seven figures in transaction volume through our platform
  • Massively evolved the eola platform, to become incomparably faster, better, and stronger
  • We joined and completed the world leading Techstars accelerator programme to expand our business

women with a sparkler

We enter 2021 feeling inspired and exhilarated. The future for eola is looking its brightest, and with us, we have a phenomenal network of supporters, partners, team, investors, and customers who we deeply care about.

Onwards and upwards!

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