What to look for when picking a booking platform

by Daniel Steele

The right booking platform can propel your business to new heights. However, the wrong choice could saddle you with hidden costs and inefficiencies. With a plethora of platforms to choose from, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. To help you make an informed decision, let's break down the must-haves and key considerations when choosing a booking platform.

User experience and usability

A well-designed user interface can be a game-changer to your online conversion. Look for platforms that genuinely invest in their user experience, offer real-time availability, and are mobile-responsive. Tips for evaluation:

  • Test the booking platform on multiple devices (especially mobile and tablet)
  • Ask for their average conversion rate to gauge platform performance 
  • Ask to see a business that is similar to yours that uses their platform 

Transparent pricing

Booking platforms often have a complex fee structure involving monthly subscription fees, transaction fees, and payment processing fees. You need to understand each to make an accurate cost assessment. Tips for evaluation:

  • Check monthly fees and tiers
  • Check for booking and add-on fees 
  • Consider the total cost of ownership, not just the upfront costs

We dive into booking platform fees in one of our other blogs.

Cost saving 

A modern booking system should automate most, if not all, administrative tasks for payments, bookings and schedule management. This efficiency can translate into cost savings over time if you are prepared to adapt your workflows to get the best out of the platform. Tips for evaluation:

  • Discuss how the platform will automate your most time-consuming tasks
  • Assess the automation levels and their compatibility with your processes


Your business will grow; your booking platform should too. Assess whether the platform can accommodate more users, more bookings, and more products without disproportionate increases in costs. Tips for evaluation:

  • Inquire about pricing changes if your business scales
  • Check if the system can handle increased volumes efficiently

Security Measures

Data protection is non-negotiable. The platform must comply with GDPR regulations and offer robust encryption methods to protect sensitive customer data. Tips for evaluation:

  • Confirm that the platform is GDPR compliant
  • Check for secure data handling and storage protocols

You can learn more about data privacy and security for booking platforms in one of our other blogs.

Payment processing

Your booking platform should offer a range of payment processing options and be transparent about the associated fees. Tips for evaluation:

  • Understand the payment processors the platform supports
  • Assess whether their fee structure suits your transaction volume

We explore booking platform payment fees in one of our other blogs.


Choosing a booking platform is a complex decision that impacts your business both operationally and financially. You need to assess multiple factors such as usability, cost, scalability, and security. By being thorough in your evaluation and matching your choice to your business needs, you can navigate the complexities and position your business for long-term success.

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