Summer success: 7 strategies to boost your activity centre's bookings

by Daniel Steele

Hello, summer enthusiasts! As an outdoor activity centre, it's time to gear up for the bustling summer season. We've put together seven smart strategies to turbocharge your bookings and make this summer your most successful season yet. So, let's dive right in!

Unleashing the Power of Promotions Who doesn't love a good deal? Kick off the summer season with sizzling promotions. Offer discounts on group bookings or craft irresistible package deals that combine various activities. Consider offering a bonus for early bird bookings. For instance, if you manage a water sports centre, you might offer a 'Summer Splash' package with a 20% discount on multiple rentals or activities.

Maximising Social Media Social media is your secret weapon during the summer surge. Use it to showcase your activities, share customer testimonials, and promote your summer specials. Instagram, with its focus on visuals, is perfect for sharing dynamic photos of your activities in action. Facebook is great for more detailed posts and event promotions. Imagine posting an engaging video on Instagram of a family enjoying a kayaking session, with a compelling caption that encourages viewers to book their own thrilling adventure.

Building Bridges with Local Businesses Collaborating with local businesses can create a win-win situation. Consider partnering with local restaurants, hotels, or attractions to offer combined deals. This not only enhances the overall experience for your customers but also expands your reach. Perhaps you could team up with a local hotel to offer a 'Stay and Play' package, combining a comfortable night's stay at the hotel with a day of invigorating activities at your centre.

Engaging with a Summer Newsletter If you have a mailing list, now's the time to use it. Send out a summer newsletter to announce your specials, highlight new activities, and share exciting updates. Be sure to include a call to action like "Book Now" or "Visit our Website," to encourage immediate bookings. You could spotlight a section titled 'What's New This Summer', detailing any new activities or features you've introduced at your centre.

Offering Last-Minute Deals While securing bookings in advance is ideal, don't forget about the spontaneous adventurers. Offering last-minute deals can help you fill any remaining slots and maximise your revenue. Promote these deals on your social media channels and website, like a 'Flash Sale' on your Facebook page, offering a 30% discount on any bookings made within the next 24 hours.

Updating Your Google Listing In this digital age, a Google listing is your business's virtual front door. It's often the first point of contact for potential customers. Make sure your listing is up-to-date with your summer opening hours to avoid any confusion and ensure your customers know exactly when they can join in the fun. Update any other relevant information, like your contact details and address, to make your business easily accessible.

Encouraging Reviews Word-of-mouth is still a powerful marketing tool, and online reviews are its digital equivalent. After customers have had a fantastic time at your centre, gently encourage them to leave a review. You can do this in person, via a follow-up email, or through your social media channels. Positive reviews boost your online reputation and help attract new customers.

And there you have it, seven simple yet powerful strategies to skyrocket your bookings this summer. The key is to be proactive, creative, and customer-focused. So, get out there, soak up the sun, and make this summer season the most rewarding one yet!

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