Password security and safety

by Daniel Steele

In our continued efforts to keep all of our users’ accounts as secure as possible, eola has ramped up its measures. We want to make sure that your passwords are strong enough to minimise their vulnerability to hackers.

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What does this mean?

Password security is very important to make sure that both your own, and your customers’ data, stays as safe as possible. 

If you are using a compromised password it will appear on a list called Have I been Pwned. This will leave you more vulnerable to hackers that try to breach accounts online. In that case, you will need to choose a stronger password to keep your account secure, not just on eola, but on any service where you use that password. 

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What new security measures have we added?

We are excited to be ramping up our security measures even further. 

Using Have I Been Pwned, we automatically check if the password you have entered has previously been involved in a breach. We will in that case notify you straight away, so you can update your login details as soon as possible.

This way you will be able to choose the best and safest password when you create or sign in to your eola account, and keep your data secure. 

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Tips for securing your passwords

  1. When choosing your password, try to avoid obvious words like Password1, or something which is closely linked to you, such as your birthday. Instead, use a mixture of characters, letters, numbers and punctuation. 
  2. Avoid using the same passwords across multiple sites to make sure that if one account is compromised the others are not also exposed.
  3. A password manager can help you manage your passwords in a secure and simple way. It will save you the trouble of remembering many different login details in the future. You can use your browsers' inbuilt manager to help you remember passwords or safely store them away on a manager such as Last Pass.

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We want you to be safe knowing that your online accounts are secure and protected. Being accessible online is now more important than ever for businesses. Choosing secure passwords is the best and simplest way to make sure your online information stays safe.

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