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How Big Green Adventures saved time and doubled bookings with eola

by Daniel Steele

Riding the waves to Cornwall

After years of surfing and coaching around the world Dale Unnuk founded Big Green Adventures in 2011, delivering water sports activities and camping hire in the beachy village of Crantock, Cornwall. Before eola, the team relied on paper diaries and spent countless days running up the sand dunes trying to get signal to avoid missing bookings.

“We were growing year on year, but it was obvious that we were missing a lot of potential business.”

A collaborative approach to recouping lost business

Having previously tried many booking system providers it was clear they couldn’t supply a service that worked well for the Cornwall business. eola offered an activities booking platform that was quick and easy to set up and see results. They provide a collaborative relationship, where “there is always someone at the end of the phone willing to help”.

“The whole business cares about what we’re doing and the transition was really easy.”

Dale praised eola’s easy-to-use online booking widget, which has replaced telephone and email transactions and allows customers to book online 24 hours a day, growing the business financially. Since COVID and the shift to online, customers now prefer to book in advance contactless, via mobile. Another huge benefit is coaches can access lessons through eola’s dashboard, which saves an abundance of time and prevents errors.

Even during a quiet winter eola works

eola increased bookings during off peak, as well as made life easier during the busy peak season. Dale loves having a clear system his whole team can use, allowing him more time to run the business and take time off. He said “with eola bookings, enquiries and activities run smoothly even when I’m on holiday!”

“Working with eola allows us to spend more time doing what we actually enjoy and what we’re actually good at knowing the administrative side is taken care of.”

With eola we  doubled online bookings and revenue and grew on average 36% growth year-on-year over a 4-year span

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