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The beginning of the eola academy

by Daniel Steele

Today marks the launch of the eola academy, a place for us to share a range of exciting and informative content with our partners and potential partners, as well as anyone interested in growing and developing their business. Our CEO and founder, Callum has this to say about it:

"At eola today, we are a team of technologists, entrepreneurs, and field experts. Our skillset is particularly focused on our ability to produce world leading technology, and cutting edge online marketing and digitisation. Our mission at eola is to bring that unique capability, and provide it however we can to our partners.

team eola
Team eola looking pretty fly

Today, we launch our academy as a place to begin sharing that knowledge. With it, we plan to provide you guides on a broad range of topics from how to optimise our - or any - booking platform, to how to improve your online presence, including SEO, review management, and brand building.

By producing high quality, interesting content, we can not just support you, but share in our own journey with you as we grow together. We believe that the best way to build an amazing company is to do it by nurturing and empowering our partners, our customers, the world around us, and our own world; our team.

A big part of this is being completely transparent. We understand that there is no such thing as a perfect solution. Some of those who learn about eola will find that it isn't their desired choice. Some people really love blueberries, others just prefer raspberries. Each platform has its merits, and finding the one to suit your needs is the most important thing. 

For reference, Callum prefers blackberries.

In this industry, we believe that collaboration and sharing is the best way to make things better for everyone. As a result, this academy isn't just for our partners; it is for anyone who finds it interesting. Our ultimate goal is to provide a product used by thousands of experience providers all around the world, with a marketplace which helps bring ever more customers into exciting activities and opportunities. 

So, for all of you who want to learn about our views on optimising your booking system, or some ideas on marketing, SEO, improving your web presence, or anything else, welcome to eola. 

We hope your experience with eola will benefit you in someway, and maybe, down the road you'll join us on the journey, and we can learn from you.

All the best from me, and team eola."

Callum the CEO
Our CEO, Callum is the hairy one on the right

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