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Rising to the occasion: Opportunities amid economic challenges for UK activity centres

by Daniel Steele

Hey our fellow Adventurers!

With the current financial waves caused by rising interest rates and pandemic-shaped debt shadows, it's easy to feel a bit like we're adrift at sea. But fear not, fellow navigators! We're here at eola to help you spot the hidden treasures amidst the seemingly stormy seas.

First off, let's have a chat about the government's new lifeboat - the Business Rates Relief Scheme. Think of it as a surprise treasure chest for activity centres, hospitality, and leisure properties. If you're eligible, you could net yourself a whopping 75% relief on business rates bills for 2023/24. Now, that's what we call a pretty golden deal!  

Next, we'd like to introduce the 'staycationers' - our new best friends. The pandemic has nudged many UK folks to embrace local travel, leading to an influx of first-time visitors across our lovely island. In fact, many regions, like the beautiful South West, have seen a significant rise in domestic tourists.

As activity centres, it's our time to step into the spotlight and show these new adventurers what we've got! Showcase the hidden jewels of your area, roll out exciting outdoor activities, and provide memorable experiences that'll keep these 'staycationers' coming back for more.

Even though it's not all plain sailing at the moment, the increasing trend of domestic tourism combined with government support can help us navigate through the turbulence.

Always remember, eola is here to sail alongside you. We're all about helping your business adapt and embrace these changes. With our platform, you have the power to manage bookings efficiently, streamline operations, and deliver unforgettable experiences to the wave of local tourists.

Sure, the waters may seem rough, but we believe in the resilience and potential of the UK activity sector (that's you!). With the right navigation, resources, and a healthy dose of optimism, we can turn these choppy waters into a thrilling adventure. After all, isn't that what we do best?

So, let's not just focus on staying afloat; let's aim to ride the wave, make a splash, and chart a course towards success. Get in touch with us today and let's explore the sea of opportunities together. After all, every great adventure is more fun when shared!

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