January product update

by Daniel Steele

We have hit the ground running this year, and have been hard at work adding new features to help our partners. With big plans in place for 2022, we have already laid a lot of the groundwork for the year to come.

Rentals revamped

Rentals are now live in the new widget, enabling you to maximise return from your equipment by allowing customers to rent items when they are not being used for activities.

Our design looks to make the complex simple for your customer, and is inspired by the simplicity brought by the likes of Trainline and Skyscanner to booking time-bound items.

Widget updates

Since launching the new widget we have made multiple minor additions and upgrades based on your feedback. These include:

  • Upgraded pricing display
  • Improved controls to configure your activity/rental
  • Upgraded review page
  • Updated labelling 

Memberships update

We have been busy working on our membership product, still in Alpha development. Memberships are a powerful tool to help you retain customers and grow your revenue, and are a vital part of many business's revenue stream.

  • Membership trial periods: Attract customers by letting them try out the benefits of your memberships. At the end of a specified time period, they are automatically moved onto the paid plan.
  • Membership fees: Include a one-off fee when a membership is purchased. A simple but impactful way to encourage customers to keep their membership rolling over.
  • Upgraded cancellations: Improve how you manage your customers, cancel immediately with no refund, immediately with a pro-rata'd refund, or, cancel at the end of the billing cycle
    Notifications: Keep track of any payment issues with notifications to alert you when a customers card details cause a failed payment.

What's next

As per our roadmap, we are working on some large scale upgrades to the business platform. We will keep you updated as these are rolled out. Alongside this we have a series of smaller new features that should be launched shortly.

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