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Image guidelines for the eola platform

by Daniel Steele

Images are great tools to both describe your activities and inspire your customers. The use of great imagery can be crucial in convincing your customers to press the book now button. The more emotional, descriptive and engaging the imagery is, the more of an impact it will have. 

We’ve listed a few technical things to think about when uploading a picture to the eola platform as well as a few tips and tricks on how to choose the right image for your activities. 

How your images will show up across the eola platform

The recommended image size is 1920px in width and 1080px in height (1920x1080px). Once uploaded on the platform the images will be automatically cropped to fit into the different featured positions. 

how to upload images to eola

Header image

The activity header image is seen above your activity description on the individual activity booking page. You also have a header image for your outlet that will be cropped and sized the same way as the activity header image. 

Depending on the type of device the customer is using it will be shown in different ways. Please have a look at the safe zone illustration below to see which part of the image will be visible depending on the device used to view it (mobile, desktop, widescreen).

Thumbnail image

The activity thumbnail is seen on the widget and across the marketplace. When uploaded in 1920x1080px it will be cropped to 1920x1008px and shown in the same aspect ratio no matter which device it is viewed on. You can see the crop fit illustrated below (activity thumbnail).

image guidelines safe zones eola booking platform

  • Mobile - the part of the header image that will be visible when viewed on a mobile (ratio 13:9 depending on device)
  • Desktop - the average part of the header image that will be visible when viewed on a laptop or desktop computer (ratio 16:7 depending on device)
  • Widescreen - the largest possible part of the header image that will be visible when viewed on a laptop or desktop in widescreen mode (ratio 13:4)
  • Activity thumbnail - will always be shown in the same aspect ratio (ratio 16:10)

What to think about when you choose which image to use for your activity

As the cliché goes, an image can speak a thousand words, and that much is true. The trick is to make sure it says the words you want it to say. Think of images as a great chance to inspire your potential customers to press that book now button. The main things to think about when choosing the images to use is to make sure that they are;

  • Descriptive - accurately describe the activity the customer have to look forward to if making a booking
  • Emotional - evoke the desired emotion, may that be thrill, action, excitement, happiness, serenity or calm
  • Vibrant - Stand-out and grab the attention of the customer

be inspirational when using imagery to increase bookings

Now we’ve gone through a few things to think about regarding images on the eola platform with the goal to further increase your bookings. It can also be of great value to apply the same basic guidelines regarding imagery across your website, gallery, social media or other communication channels to see powerful results in awareness, traffic and ultimately - bookings. We've described the 3 key aspects to keep in mind when choosing images in more detail in our post about how to use images to inspire and engage.

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