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by Daniel Steele

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new and improved eola booking widget.

85% of bookings come outside of working hours. The eola booking widget handles the entire booking process for you 24/7, from prospect to payment, via your own website.

We spent the last twelve months rebuilding our booking widget from the ground up. Our new widget makes it easier than ever for customers to find what they want and complete a purchase, resulting in increased conversion rates directly from your website.

New and improved features

eola booking widget add your logo eola booking widget shopping cart eola booking wiget

Enhanced customisation

Brand new shopping basket


Add your logo to the widget for a bespoke booking experience.

Purchase activities, vouchers and passes all at once.

Invite guests and sign disclaimers in one booking flow.

new eola booking widget sign up

A streamlined booking experience

With our widget, your customers can easily book on any device, anywhere. That’s because we build with speed and efficiency in mind. The new widget is more than five times faster than our previous widget, with an industry-leading page loading time of just 0.1 seconds.

eola booking widget speed

Why so fast?

Not everyone has ultra-fast broadband. Just like the rest of the eola platform, our widget works in low internet environments, and on older, slower devices. 

By using our widget, your customer base is not defined by technological limitations, so you can increase conversion rates and drive bookings. 

eola new booking widget

Tested by humans

When booking an experience, customers have to make a number of decisions in a relatively short amount of time. We analysed millions of interactions mediated by our old widget, and used that information to redesign our booking flows with simplicity and accessibility in mind. 

We then tested these booking flows on real people. We spoke to people from all ages and backgrounds, with varying levels of digital literacy. When they encountered an issue or weren’t sure how to proceed, we made sure to address those issues in our next design phase. 

The end result is a booking flow that gathers all the information you need as an experience provider, whilst remaining accessible and intuitive for the customer. 

Find out more about how we designed our new widget from our product manager Jamie. 

new eola booking widget vouchers

Don’t take our word for it - here’s what our partners are saying about eola

woodmill outdoor activities centre

"eola has made our customer journey so much easier. After a quick meet and greet our customers are out on the water in minutes. All we have to worry about is bums on boats.”

Charlie Boyce-Smith, Woodmill Outdoor Activities Centre

porthcawl surf school

“eola has become so important to us that we don’t even take manual bookings anymore, we always direct customers to our online booking system. It’s literally a couple of buttons, about five clicks and they’ve booked and paid.”

Hugh Murray, Porthcawl Surf School

cornish rock tors

“Since using eola, clients have commented on how quick, easy, and efficient the booking process now is. Even better than that, my workload has decreased! Brilliant!”

Benjamin Spicer, Cornish Rock Tors

Give it a go

Sign up for free today and give eola a try. You can be up and running in minutes, with no hidden fees and no commitment necessary. 

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new eola booking widget

Creating a new booking experience

new eola booking widget

Say hello to the new eola booking widget

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Our plans for the year ahead

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