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A message from Callum - CEO

by Daniel Steele

During this difficult time it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by information on the best course of action - to protect our families, our businesses, our livelihoods. I’m sure, like me, putting plans in place to combat this has been keeping many of you busy late into the night.

While we don’t know the full extent of how Coronavirus will impact us yet, and may not for some time, there are some things we at eola know. I hope they go some way to put your mind at ease.

We’ll stay focused on building the best booking platform to help you succeed

We started eola to help people everywhere do what they love. From surf schools to balloon rides, we’re proud to be making online booking effortless and booking management straightforward.

During this difficult time, technology that streamlines processes is more important than ever - we will stay focused on releasing new developments that help you run your business as efficiently as possible. Let us know about any features that you think might help your business here.

We’ll weather the storm together

As you know eola doesn’t have any fixed rates - that means if you decide to temporarily close down for any period of time you won’t have to worry about costs for eola. We’ll be here to help you get back up and running just like before, quickly and simply. If you’d like to stop taking bookings for a period of time or want to cancel/reschedule upcoming sessions you can simple remove any upcoming timeslots, (though we would recommend leaving vouchers and class passes live), and using the timeslot manage functions to reschedule/cancel any upcoming times.

As for us, we’re in the process of securing additional funding to ensure that we can keep our lights on even if we see a big drop in bookings over the coming months.

We’ll keep providing world leading support

Our team is now working from where they feel most comfortable, and their safety is our priority, but we will still continue on as before. As a technology company we are uniquely well prepared for remote working; in fact some of the team make a habit of spending each month on a different continent.

We will stay committed to doing everything we can to support our businesses - I am personally just on the other end of a phone call or email if you want to talk. Morning, noon or night.

Though the days ahead are daunting, I’m confident we will come out the other side of this together.


Founder & CEO at eola

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