RICHMOND Active360 Stand Up Paddleboarding voucher

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Why not give someone a paddleboarding adventure as a gift!

Many presents are quickly forgotten - but experiences can last a lifetime...

Our gift vouchers can be used against any of our activities at Active360 Richmond, from beginner lessons to more advanced sessions, eco trips or adventures further afield. They can be used for both private lessons and group sessions. They can even be used by multiple paddlers at once. There's plenty of scope to get out there and explore the river!

Most of our sessions start at Richmond Bridge, and we then explore one of the most beautiful stretches of the Thames, either upstream towards Twickenham, Eel Pie Island and Teddington, or downstream towards Kew Gardens and Chiswick.

Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

You can set the amount you want to gift with only a low minimum spend needed...although as a rough guide, a Beginner Group session is £59 and a private lesson is £69.

So, why not give someone a truly wonderful paddleboarding experience - an ideal gift, and something to look forward to over the coming year!