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SUP Yoga River Retreat

RIVER THAMES - 17 July there is a half day and a full day option.

Friday 16th Sept. will be a half day option

Sat.17th Sept - full day

We have all day to cover 7-10 miles paddling from Cookham-starting with a revision of skills and drills so we can then set 'sail' downstream at a very relaxed pace through the picturesque riverside towns Hedsor Wharf, Boulters and Maidenhead Riverside and Bray with yoga and tea and lunch pauses. The opposite to an adrenaline paddle!

Lunchtime stop at Guards Club and then those continuing downstream with a return paddle back with yoga stops at Bray and Monkey Island.

Paddleboarding and Yoga are the perfect blend and where better to relax and yoga than a quiet place tucked away from everything and everybody. We paddle to special spots along the river, and along the way to unwind, relax and restore yourself. Water lapping around the board, birds unflustered around you and the most comfortable yoga mat to enjoy your session.

It might seem along way but we will be pausing so often you will not even notice the distance!

If you have a group and you want to organise your own whole day out let us know. We would need a minimum of 4- 6 paddlers .

What to bring

Bring a drink, non cotton clothes, and a few other things that you can find on the link above. Lots of drink and something to share for the pot -luck picnic.


We would like you to have experienced paddleboarding before ( not necessarily the yoga) as we are going off on a journey to our 'retreat spots' - so we recommend the SUP Starters class.

£40 for adults

Sun, 17th Jul
10:00 - 17:00 · 7 spaces left
Sun, 17th Jul
13:30 - 17:00 · 12 spaces left
Fri, 16th Sep
10:00 - 13:30 · 12 spaces left



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Where we'll meet

The meeting location is decided on the day.

Either you get dropped off in Hurley and picked up from Maidenhead Guards Club Park or we will organise a group taxi to take us to the start. Add on £10 if you want to pick up and we can refund you if we not use the commercial route.

Paddleboard Maidenhead
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