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Open Canoe Journey


As your canoe glides effortlessly and silently through the serene water, you travel further from the roads and paths as you journey into wild landscapes. There you begin to discover and appreciate views you never thought you would see.

Seals pop up near your boat staring at you with their big, round eyes while they entertain you. Then they disappear and you try to guess when and where they will pop-up next; White tailed eagles soar over your heads and Oyster catchers ‘peep’ from rocky shorelines. Perfect!

Throughout 2021 all journeys can be made 'private' and exclusive for your group at no additional cost as long as there are a minimum of two people booking at the same time.

You will need to bring your own lunch with you as the aim is to travel into wild landscapes and see as much as possible.

Throughout your journey you will be accompanied by a fully qualified and experienced local guide, who is there to ensure you get the most from your adventure. They will answer your questions, work with you to build your confidence and skills and generally ensure you have a great time on the water. They will offer advice as necessary, perhaps on efficient paddling, look after your safety throughout the trip and highlight any wildlife that appears or can be found as well as tell you about the local sights or stories.

The minimum age for this activity is 12 years and the minimum number is just two people. If you have younger children and wish to spend a day on the water, then pease look at our 'Experiences' as these are a better option.

If you are travelling solo, please do get in touch direct so we can do our best to accommodate you safely under Coronavirus and economic restrictions.

Please dress appropriately for the weather and the possibility of falling in. Changing facilities are closed at present, so please come ‘dressed’ for the day.

Above all, enjoy your adventure and keep your fingers crossed for an otter or eagle to make an appearance!

What to bring

  1. Lunch and snacks
  2. Reusable water bottle or flask of hot drink
  3. Waterproof jacket and trousers (avoid bringing your best Goretex for water-based activities)
  4. General outdoor or fitness clothing to wear under your waterproofs (please avoid jeans and cotton clothes)
  5. Extra jumper (especially for children) as it may be cooler on the water
  6. Shoes to wear during the activity - these will get wet, so old trainers are fine
  7. Sunhat or beanie (depending upon conditions)
  8. Sunglasses (with retainer cord)
  9. Suncream and midge repellant
  10. Spare clothes and towel (just in case)
  11. Personal medication
  12. Personal accident and possessions insurance

If you don't have all these items or forget something on the day, please let your guide know when you arrive and we may be able to lend you something appropriate.


The requirements for a canoe journey are minimal. You should:

  1. be at least 12 years old,
  2. have an average level of fitness,
  3. be prepared to have fun exploring on the water.

For all our activities:

  1. Under-18's must be accompanied on the activity by their parent or legal guardian.

Don't worry if:

  1. your height or weight are above average,
  2. lack experience in canoeing,
  3. or have a specific medical or dietary need.

If any of these do apply, please do contact us before booking and we will do our best to accommodate you on an adventure.


After introductions, your guide will ensure you have a buoyancy aid and paddle in an appropriate size.

If you have forgotten anything or need to borrow anything, please do let them know at this point. They will do their best to source something appropriate for you.

You may be asked to help load boats onto a trailer, please only do so if this is not likely to aggravate an existing injury. 

Once packed you will travel to the most suitable location for the day and enjoy exploring on the water.

This will probably be the head of Loch Sunart right in-front of us as the jetty is is a two-minute walk around the corner.

If the wind, as well as your experience, dictates, an alternative location may be preferable. Your guide will negotiate this with you before departing.

If there is a need to drive, you will be asked to travel in your own vehicle(s) for social distancing purposes.

You will spend about 5 hours exploring on the water before returning to the trailer and helping to load up boats. Your guide will explain everything to you and they will strap the boats down. You can depart from here or head back to Otter Adventures if you wish.

£85 per adult
£55 per child

Fri, 29th Oct
10:00 - 16:00 · 7 spaces left
Sat, 30th Oct
10:00 - 16:00 · 7 spaces left
Sun, 31st Oct
10:00 - 16:00 · 7 spaces left



From the time of booking you have seven full days to change your mind, cancel your booking(s) and receive a full refund unless the booking was made 14 days or less prior to the start date of the trip (see below).

After this seven-day cancellation period and up to 8 days (15 for activities involving overnight stays) before the trip takes place, we will seek to reschedule your booking by offering you an alternative date, time or service. If this is not possible, we reserve the right to retain the deposit if refunding it would mean the cancellation of a multi-day trip, the trip running at a loss or Otter Adventures needing to pay for services no longer required as a direct result of you cancelling.

If during this period we are able to fill the place(s) you have cancelled, we will refund all monies paid by yourself.

With 7 days or less (14 for trips involving accommodation) notice, we will retain your deposit as it is unlikely that we will be very unlikely to fill the place(s) vacated by your cancellation at such short notice.

If you paid in full at the time of booking, an amount equal to 50% of the full fee will be retained and the remainder refunded.

If you choose to cancel on the day but the activity could go ahead, we will discuss this with you and agree an amicable resolution. We would prefer to reschedule your adventure (if possible) than cancel it.

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Where we'll meet

To maintain social distancing, you will be asked to travel to the start location separate to your guide. You will therefore be asked to travel in your own vehicle(s). Sorry for any inconvenience.

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