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KEW Paddle and Pick with coffee and cake


We are starting the new 2021 season with a gentle social series of Paddle and Pick plastic clean ups on the Thames aiming to raise awareness of marine pollution. These These sessions are run at below cost and are dedicated to one of our favourite river protectors - London Waterkeeper, aiming to raise funds to support their work.

This small charity is doing a great job putting pressure on Thames Water to ensure transparency and accuracy of information about river pollution from sewage releases which happen on urban rivers. This information is vital for all paddlers.

The Thames is a very clean river with rich ecosystem but it gets polluted periodically by sewage spills after heavy rain. We have also seen first hand how Covid-19 pandemic added to the mindless plastic pollution with increased use of disposable PPE.

Let's try to give a bit back to the River that will undoubtedly provide us with many beautiful days out on the water after Lockdown.

Theo Thomas, Founder of London Waterkeeper says :

“The Thames is London’s treasure and one of the world’s iconic rivers. It’s one of the cleanest big city rivers in Europe and is best experienced up close. The more people that show their love for the blue heart of the city the better cared for it will be.”

This will be a relaxed social session with fresh pressed coffee and home made cake on the piazza after so we can chat outdoors socially distancing and get the feeling that life is coming back to normal.

As part of the package we ask all participant to make a voluntary donation to London Waterkeeper. We suggest a minimum donation of £5/£10 from each participant to London Waterkeeper with higher amounts much appreciated!

Donate using this link:

We hope you will join us and also check out and donate to the work of this brilliant charity.

This is a session for EXPERIENCED PADDLERS ONLY. You do not have to have done a session with Active360 but you need to have prior SUP experience and be able to control the board effectively. Please, tick the relevant Add On box to indicate whether you have paddled with Active360 before or are new to us - this tick box is for information only.

If the instructor deems you as not proficient enough to participate safely, you will not be able to take part and refunds will not be given.

Feel free to call or email us if you are unsure:

Q: Why do I pay for Paddle and Pick?

Active360 does not get any Government funding. Any sessions we run are subject to VAT, booking fees and coaches fees. Expensive equipment gets extra wear and tear during clean ups. We run these at below cost to give like-minded people an opportunity to come together and care for the river in a safe environment, under coaches' supervision.

What to bring

  1. Marigolds or other sturdy reusable gloves - we are trying not to use disposable gloves. Let's reduce plastic pollution not add to it!
  2. Quick drying clothing appropriate for paddlesports. Dress accordingly to the weather, check the weather forecast and take into account it's an evening session. It might be a good idea to take an extra jumper to throw on after the session.
  3. Footwear to wear on the board - it will get wet! Watershoes are best but an old pair of trainers you don't mind getting wet will do.
  4. Change of clothes and a towel just in case you take a dip.
  5. Waterproof case for your phone if you are planning to take it on the river (we sell phone cases on site)

Customers can leave their bags in the arches. No lockers are available so ensure you do not bring valuables.


  1. Previous SUP experience (ability to stand up on the board, go in a straight line, turn the board effectively). Remember - this session is NOT FOR BEGINNERS and instruction will not be given.
  2. Confidence in water and ability to swim while wearing a buoyancy aid


We will get on the river at Kew and depending on the tidal stage, either go up river towards Brentford Ait and Lots Ait or downriver beyond Oliver's Ait. We will cover short distance stopping and cleaning the foreshore, river beaches and trees. We will use litter pickers to collect the litter - some paddlers will carry litter baskets on their boards which we will share. All litter collected will be brought back to Kew and packed in bags ready for removal by the council.

£22 for adults
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Free flexible rescheduling of sessions with 5 days notice

We understand circumstances change and you may wish to change the date/time of your session. We offer flexible rescheduling. Refunds minus admin/coaching fee will only be considered in unprecedented circumstances.

Flexible rescheduling:

  1. first reschedule is FREE if email request to reschedule is submitted 5 days before the session's start; every subsequent reschedule will be subject to £15 admin fee
  2. reschedule request submitted less than 5 days but more than 72hrs in advance will be subject to £15 admin fee
  3. reschedule request submitted more than 24hrs but less than 72hrs will be subject to 50% charge of the value of the session
  4. reschedule request submitted less than 24hrs is treated as 'cancelled on the day' and full charges apply; partial refunds or credit vouchers for parts of payment can be offered only in exceptional circumstances and depending on the session type

All requests to reschedule must be submitted by email to:


1. Cancellations by Active360 

We very rarely need to cancel or postpone sessions due to inclement weather, adverse river conditions or circumstances beyond our control e.g. unexpected river closures, red flag warnings etc. In such situations we will offer an alternative day/time at no extra charge accommodating your requirements as much as possible or a credit note for future booking if you are unable to make immediate alternative plans.  

Refunds will be considered in some circumstances but these are only made on individual basis.  

Weather conditions in the UK are changeable and we are used to operating in various conditions. When the conditions are not favourable we may contact you in advance to see whether you still wish to continue with your booking or you would rather postpone. 

We are not able to accommodate customers’ weather preferences and we have run some of our best and memorable sessions in challenging conditions e.g. rain and/or wind. 

Please share your concerns with us and we will be happy to discuss with you and make any reasonable adjustments to ensure you have an enjoyable experience.  

* All our business clients are advised to take out insurance against cancellation of event. Individual clients may wish to consider exploring this option. 

2. Changes to group sessions by Active360

Active360 reserves the right to reschedule timetabled group sessions due to low client demand (min. number of participants not reached) or instructor unavailability. Alternative dates will always be offered to customers at no extra charge. 

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