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PRIVATE - Bodyboard Lesson


Hands-down the quickest and easiest way to experience the thrill of wave-riding. Within a matter of minutes you'll be riding waves to the beach under the guidance of our amazing coaches. Perfect for younger kids or for anyone who's a bit less flexible, a great family activity and an amazing way to feel the power of the ocean.

An amazing private bodyboarding session with our amazing coaches. Feel free to bring more people along if you want some company, just add an extra £30 per person. Highly recommended if you've got any younger surfers in your group, you'll have your very own coach who's sole focus is you and your family - you'll love it!

*Please note: If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 please lets us know ASAP and we will do our best to rearrange your lesson for you. 

What to bring






Bodyboarding is a physically demanding activity, whilst we'll be showing you the best and most efficient way to do things, you will DEFINITELY be tired by the end of 2 hours.

As a rough guide you'll need to be able to carry your bodyboard from the surf school to the water's edge (up to 500m), swim at least 25m unaided and do a physical activity for 2 hours.

If you or anyone in your party is unsure of your abilities then please get in touch prior to booking and we can advise you.


  1. Check-in & meet your instructor
  2. Change into wetsuits and be issued with boards
  3. Head to the waters edge
  4. Safety briefing
  5. Beach tuition
  6. Tweak-up and more beach tuition
  7. Water-time working on catching better waves and turning.
  8. Debrief and return to base

Group discount available

£90 per person

Fri, 9th Dec
12:00 - 14:00 · 8 spaces left
Sat, 10th Dec
12:00 - 14:00 · 8 spaces left
Sun, 11th Dec
12:00 - 14:00 · 8 spaces left


5 days notice for full refund

Any cancellations or changes to your pre-booked activity or package with Big Green Surf School (BGSS) must be made in writing and will only be accepted from the date they are received by BGSS.

BGSS will make every effort to accommodate changes in any instance and will not financially penalise the participant if the cancellation/amendment does not detriment BGSS, it’s staff or other clients, however will adhere to the conditions detailed below if unable to do so.

To be eligible for a refund the cancellation/change must fall within the following criteria:

  1. The lesson is cancelled by BGSS due to enforced closure or limited operational ability as a result of Covid 19 guidance or regulations - VOUCHER TO FULL VALUE OF BOOKING
  2. A lesson/package is cancelled by BGSS for reasons which could reasonably considered to be within it’s control (i.e. not including environmental conditions or issues caused by third parties) - VOUCHER TO FULL VALUE OF BOOKING
  3. The participant requests the cancellation/change of a lesson/package with the following minimum notice
  4. The booking is under or equal to £200 and cancelled at least 3 days prior to the activity start time - VOUCHER TO FULL VALUE OF BOOKING
  5. The booking is over £200 and cancelled at least a full 5 days prior to the activity start time - VOUCHER TO FULL VALUE OF BOOKING
  6. The booking is cancelled without giving the required notice as detailed in points a & b - NO REFUND
  7. If the conditions on the day of the activity aren't ideal but BGSS deems it safe and the activity is still taking place, the customer will not be eligible for a refund.

Refunds will not be considered if:

  1. Tuition is refused in line with the Refusals Policy.
  2. The participant terminates the booking due to refusal to sign the necessary declaration form prior to commencing their chosen activity or package.

BGSS will issue any refunds as detailed above in the form of a voucher valid for 1 calendar year to the appropriate value. This voucher is valid to be redeemed against any BGSS product, activity or package as detailed on the voucher. Only in extenuating circumstances will BGSS issue a monetary refund, after discussion with the necessary parties, any refunds of this manner will be subject to a 5% transaction fee.

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