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Shredder (6 lessons & includes 1 years membership of our surf club for discounted sessions)


We will take you through the introduction to surfing and show you how to trim and turn, paddle out, duckdive/turtle roll, catch and ride unbroken waves, teach angled take-offs, bottom turns and cutbacks over the course of six lessons.

5mm thick winter grade wetsuits, boots, gloves & hoods and all the necessary equipment is provided.

(includes 1 years membership of the Scottish Surfing Federation & our surf club for discounted sessions - see

*Please note times and dates are subject to surf/weather conditions but we will be in touch if there are any changes. Other times are available on request. This booking is for Sandend, Moray Firth. For Tiree bookings please contact

Other times are available upon request.

What to bring

Bring towels, swimwear, waterproof suncream and warm clothes.


Covid-19 Measures

We must please keep 2 metres apart from non-family members. Please park in the public carpark next to the toilets if possible.

Meet beside my trailer but please don't touch any equipment until instructed as we have to disinfect everything between uses.

Please listen to your instructors advice to help prevent possible transmission.

Please bring hand sanitizer. If you are showing any symptoms of Covid-19 within 2 weeks either side of your booking then you must inform Suds Surf School.

That's the strict bit over - now lets have fun!

£165 per adult
£115 per child

Sun, 21st Aug
10:00 - 12:00 · 8 spaces left
Mon, 22nd Aug
10:00 - 12:00 · 8 spaces left
Sun, 28th Aug
10:00 - 12:00 · 8 spaces left

Where we'll meet

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