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Forts & Wind-Farm


Our RIB takes up to 12 passengers to the Forts at Redsands and the Kentish Flats wind farm located 7 miles offshore from Whitstable Harbour.

We want you to enjoy your trip with us so please bear the following in mind:

  1. Due to the nature of the trip everyone needs to be a minimum of 4ft/120cm tall
  2. We do not recommend you travel if you have any historical or current backbone conditions or complaints. 
  3. We do not recommend you travel if you are pregnant
  4. The sea is an ever changing environment and the vessel may be subject to unpredictable movements
  5. Although we can only take 12 passengers, the boat is equipped with 14 jockey seats (imagine riding a horse, google "RIB Jockey Seats" for more info) where you have to lift your leg over and sit astride 2ft 3inches/70cm high, so please make sure guests are aware of this and we'd recommend not wearing dresses/skirts
  6. We do also have a 4 person bench seat behind the skipper, but spaces are limited
  7. The entire trip takes about 60 minutes

What to bring

Wrap up warm and bring your waterproofs as it's much colder out at sea, if you forget them we have warm jackets you can borrow if needed


Get here on time, Whistable can get really busy so make sure you get parked up in plenty of time as we cannot wait around


  1. We'll make sure you are wrapped up warm
  2. You'll all get life jackets
  3. Safety briefing
  4. Find your seats
  5. Taxi out of harbour
  6. North to the Wind farm
  7. Tour around the base of one of the turbines and bit of history from one of the crew
  8. West to the forts
  9. Tour around the Forts and bit of history from one of the crew
  10. Head back to Whitstable
  11. Friends for life:)

£45 per adult
£35 per child

Sat, 20th Aug
18:10 - 19:10 · 10 spaces left
Sun, 21st Aug
09:45 - 10:45 · 8 spaces left
Sun, 21st Aug
18:20 - 19:20 · 5 spaces left

Where we'll meet

Meeting point is at our hut in Whistable Harbour at the top of the blue walkway

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