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Sheltered Water Coach Award

The pre request for a Coach Award Assessment which follows on from this course is that you have previously completed the Core Coach Award training (or equivalent experience/training approved by British Canoeing. Please contact me if this may apply to your situation.)

There are dates for Core Award training on the website.

This discipline specific course ( Kayak or Canoe, Kayak or just Canoe ) requires an appropriate level of personal and rescue skills.

It is designed to prepare coaches who develop individuals with their paddlesport knowledge and skills in a sheltered water environment.

For further information visit: https://paddlesuptraining.com/courses/coach-award/

Kayak Specific: https://paddlesuptraining.com/courses/kayak-coach/

Canoe Specific: https://paddlesuptraining.com/courses/canoe-coach/

If the dates and times are not convenient then please email or phone to schedule alternative arrangements. 

What to bring

Suitable clothing and footwear for the water and a dry set of clothes plus towel for afterwards. Plus personal food and drink. 


If under 18 we will provide a parental consent form.

£220 per person

Mon 24th - Tue 25th Oct
08:30 - 17:30 every day · 6 spaces left


Cancellation Policy

We need 72 hours for a full refund if the customer is unable to attend. We are willing to discuss partial refunds in special situations where 72 hours notice has not been provided.

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Where we'll meet

Longridge Activity Centre, Marlow. The location is set out in the joining instructions but may have to vary depending on weather conditions. .

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