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Introduction to Sea Swimming - 1 Hour Session

All you need to know to start swimming in the sea!

This 1:1 session is for swimmers who would like to start swimming in the sea and open water. The session will include a safety briefing, information about our local beaches, equipment and how to stay safe when cold water swimming.

We will then take to the water to learn how to acclimatise and tailor the session to suit your needs. I am with you in the water every step of the way!

Why swim in open water?

  1. Pain relief
  2. Energy boost
  3. Mood boost
  4. Muscle recovery 
  5. Connection to nature
  6. Improve circulation
  7. Improve Fitness
  8. Sessions are weather dependent and are subject to change to ensure safety in the water
  9. Time in the water will vary dependent on water temperature and the time of year
  10. Health questionnaire and disclaimer must be completed prior to the the session
  11. The temperature will be below 12c degrees. All attendees must wear a wet suit unless this is discussed prior, please feel free to ask any questions. Wet suits, gloves, hats and a boots can be provided. Please let me know your requirements!

Once you have purchased your class pass we will be in touch to schedule your booking!

Happy Swimming!