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Packhorse Picnic group bookings


Our Packhorse Days have had amazing reviews and are a perfect way experience much of what the landscape has to offer, whist connecting with horses, yourselves and each other.

The day begins from Rydal. We pack up the horses with equipment and set off walking into the hills. Along the way you will be guided and informed on the sights, nature foraging tips, re-wilding wisdom and charming activities aimed at revealing the unique qualities of each group member.

We have the opportunity to find our voice and expression in some local caves before setting up camp on a stunning piece of private woodland pasture next to Rydal Water. Those that want to can learn the principles of how to start a fire. Ben takes the group on an exploration of body and mind through movement, stretching and balancing in nature. Bare feet and hands on earth, rock and tree. Learning how through maintaining awareness we can move carefully through extreme environments safely.

After a delicious lunch cooked on the fire, we get cosy and relaxed for meditations breath work and inner exploration. We groom and meditate with the horses for an intimate emotional connection.

If children are present there will be games and age appropriate adventuring and activities. The horse mindfulness will be modified into a play structure that they can identify with.

From here we go wild swimming. Learning how our breathing is crucial to controlling our body in the cold water. A hot cup of tea around the fire and sharing the curiosities of the day with some creativity and talking.

Refreshed, revived and rejuvenated, we walk the horses back along a track to their paddock.

All food and refreshments are provided. All age groups that can manage the distance unassisted welcome.

Please contact us if you would like to book this experience.

Number: 07557768047


What to bring

Please ensure you are wearing appropriate clothing for the weather. If it is cold, wrap up and bring extra layers. If it is hot, bring sunscreen, hats and insect repellent. Please also bring a swimming costume, a small towel, appropriate shoes for long distance walking and a waterbottle.


You will have a wonderful experience walking in the hills with horses and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

Group discount available

£180 per person
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Rigid: Guaranteed full refund if cancelling 5 days prior.

You will be entitled to a full refund under the following circumstances:

  • If your booking is under £200 and you cancelled at least a full 72h prior to the activity start time.
  • If your booking is over £200 and you cancelled at least a full 5 days prior to the activity start time.
  • If the centre cancels the activity at any time.

If the conditions on the day aren’t ideal but the activity still takes place, you will not be eligible for a refund.

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