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SUP Meditation

East Peckham

Meditation and mindfulness provide clarity of thought and a time to find in your life. Combine that with a paddle board, and the gentle movement of the water in our special spot on the River Medway and we hope a wave of calm washes over you. Our fully qualified Instructor, accompanied by our SUP Coach, will take you through a guided visualization and focused breathing will help slow you down and connect with yourself, nature and the water, physically, emotionally and spiritually. No paddle boarding or meditation experience is required, just an open mind and soul. 

We’ll provide you with a paddleboard, suitable for SUP Meditation, paddle and quick release safety belt, plus optional buoyancy aids and wetsuits are available.

All SUP Meditation sessions are £25pp and 10% off for Paddle Cabin members. 

What to bring

Please see our Paddle Prep page for more details of what to bring. You will get wet so we suggest lightweight sports clothes with swimwear underneath. Please bring suncream and if your session is later in the day, please bring insect repellent. We do have a limited range of wetsuits that you can use if you feel more comfortable. You can paddle barefoot, in neoprene boots or old trainers. Please do not bring any unnecessary valuables with you and bring a tuppa-ware or waterproof container for anything you want to take out on the water with you.


1)     For your safety, we ask that you’re comfortable in the water

2)     Our minimum age for this session is 18 years old

3)     All paddlers to complete a medical form prior to their session

4)     You must not, under no circumstances, be under the influence of alcohol or drugs prior to and during the session. 


1)     Say hello to our Crew at the cabin and be greeted with a smile  

2)     We’ll help kit you out with your paddleboard, paddle and safety gear

3)     Meet your SUP Meditation Instructor for land-based intros and safety chat

4)     Walk your boards a couple metres to our water’s edge

5)     Paddle to our SUP Meditation spot and connect your board to our dedicated area on the water

6)     Experience meditation on the water, designed for all abilities

7)     Lap up the benefits of being submerged in nature

8)     Pop back to the cabin, no doubt feeling more at home on the water

£25 for adults
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Paddle Cabin Cancellation Policy

There may be rare cases where you need to cancel your booking. If you cancel 7 days or more to your lesson, we will refund your payment in full. If you cancel within 7 days, we will try our best to reschedule you where we can. If it is within 48 hours of your session, we may not be able to reschedule you and no refund will be paid.

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