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GWTF Social Club (Family BYO)

Bring the family to the club!

Tagline: Join the club! 

Price: £250

Do you have a board and want to paddle in a group, regardless of your ability, all year round (weather, pandemics and conditions permitting), meet new people, and all with someone to guide you and introduce you to new routes in the area? Do you want to bring a family member too?

The GWTF Member Club is a community of paddlers who like to meet up and do just that, and there are 3-4 weekly sessions to choose from.

You will also get a discount when it comes to 'offsite' away days, of which there will be one a month when conditions allow.

We are given people the chance to paddle after work, in the afternoon and at the weekend in the hope that you will able to find one session or more that fits your lifestyle, and which gives you the chance to paddle in a group.