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Arts & Crafts


Give your children a chance to embrace they artistic side.

There is no doubt that arts and crafts are fun activities for kids. Be it coloring with crayons or making miniature statues from clay, folding paper to create fine origami or designing a handmade birthday card, there are several arts and crafts activities, which can enhance the interest of the children and exploit their artistic potential.

By introducing arts and crafts to the kids and involving them in such activities, you will invest in building their cognitive, physical, and social development.

Physical Benefits

  1. Development of fine motor skills
  2. Enhances dexterity
  3. Improvement of hand-eye coordination

Social Benefits

  1. Learn to appreciate art and culture
  2. Enhances self-expression
  3. Helps in socializing
  4. Boosts confidence

Cognitive Benefits

  1. Enhances creativity
  2. Sharpens skills of decision making
  3. Enhances memory and visual learning

Arts and crafts not only help in the above traits but also in boosting academic performance. Above all these are activities filled with lots of fun for children.


  1. All our Instructors have an additional time between each session to thoroughly disinfected all the equipment.
  2. If any close distance with the participants is necessary our Instructors are must take additional precautions.
  3. Hand sanitisers are available on the each Activity area for all the participants.
  4. Every participants will take their own equipment during the session to avoid sharing.
  5. Participants will be split on groups and each group will have table with no more than 5 participants.

What to bring

  1. smile


  1. clothes which parents do not mind to get messy.

£7 for children

Sat, 30th Oct
13:30 - 14:30 · 16 spaces left


Reasonable with at least 48h notice

  1. Full refund if the booking is under or equal to £200 and cancelled at least a full 48h prior to the activity start time.
  2. Full refund if the booking is over £200 and cancelled at least a full 72h prior to the activity start time.
  3. If the conditions on the day aren’t ideal but the activity is still taking place, refunds & rescheduling will only be provided under special circumstances.

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Where we'll meet

You will meet our Instructor at the meeting point beside the reception.

Greenwood Loch Holiday Park & Activity Centre
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