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Adult Paddling Masterclass

kayak - Up to 16 people


So you’ve given paddlesport a go, decided it's for you and you want to find out where it can take you next.

Come along to our master class sessions, where you too can become the master of the paddle. There’s no experience necessary on these sessions, our expert coaches will deliver high quality sessions to get you progressing skills fast. Each session is unique (check out the Autumn Itinerary below) and focuses on a specific skill to give you the confidence on the water.

Why take part in Woodmill's Paddling Masterclasses?

  1. Masterclass sessions allow you to have Taster of other advanced courses available at Woodmill, supporting the focus of your paddlesport pathway. We recommend regular attendance at our masterclass classes - allowing you to become a well-rounded paddlesport aficionado!
  2. Sessions have specific goals allowing paddlers to measure their progress.
  3. Paddlesport is amazing for fitness. You’ll develop your cardio, physical strength and flexibility.
  4. Masterclasses are a great way to prep and benchmark your skills for Woodmill’s off site trips.
  5. Masterclasses are a safe environment to start levelling up the challenge under the watchful eye of our coaches.

Please Note:

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we are offering COVID Secure activities to the public.

To ensure that we can provide a safe environment for all participants and our staff, we are implementing the following procedures;

  1. We ask that you not attend if you, or anyone in the household, are showing symptoms of COVID-19.
  2. We will coordinate all activities so you will join your group straight away after sign in.
  3. We're following all British Canoeing guidance including teaching ratios, social distancing and safety protocol
  4. We will ask all participants to wash their hands upon arrival, in between activity sessions and prior to eating.
  5. We will offer activities that do not require high physical support / physical contact.
  6. We will be deep cleaning twice daily as a minimum standard.

What to bring

All equipment is provided, and the sessions all run from Woodmill’s four accessible waterways.


All equipment is provided. If you have your own drysuit, you're more than welcome to wear this.


  1. SUP 101 - 6th September - Beginner - Are you fed up with swapping sides when you’re paddling? Learn the tricks to being more efficient on a paddle board, get where you want to go and do it with style. Learn to forward paddle, step back turn and different paddling stances.
  2. Sea Kayak 101 - 13th September & 15th November - Beginner - Become master of the ocean with our sea kayaking 101 class. We will familiarise with sea boats, starting at Woodmill and paddling to Northam bridge. Our coaches will explain tides and paddling in windy challenging conditions, and get you paddling efficiently. Perfect for prepping for one of our sea kayak trips.
  3. #ShePaddles - 20th September & 6th December - Social - Ladies only paddle, designed to create a safe environment to explore adventure together. Working with female coaches for the development and progression of female participants.
  4. Water confidence - 27th September - Beginner - Develop the mind-set to progress in paddle sport environments. This clinic is designed to make participants feel more comfortable being upside down, which is the main stumbling block to procession to the next adventure. This session will 100% involve getting wet!
  5. Paddlesport Fitness - 11th October & 13th December - Fitness - Want to get fit? Gym not for you? Paddle sport is proven to help people live a healthier life style, lose weight, and feel fitter. This session will raise you heart rate.
  6. White-water kayak 101 - 25th October - Beginner - Want to progress from flat water? This session will give you the skills to move confidently on white-water, break in and out of the flow, ferry guide, and defensive swim. Perfect for prepping for one of our white-water trips.
  7. Canoe 101 - 18th October & 29th November - Beginner - Get to grips with paddling solo, a skill for progression or just helping you be self-sufficient if you want to take your little ones out. Perfect for prepping for our canoe journeys.
  8. Freestyle basics - 1st November - Intermediate - Develop the skills to throw the sickest tricks, this masterclass is for those with some prior experience. Learnt to stern squirt, cartwheel and double pump.
  9. How to plan a trip - 8th November - Beginner - Learn to be self-sufficient out on our waterways and learn skills to plan trips for yourself. Half classroom based, you will learn to interpret weather, tides and navigate from A-B. Once we have got the basics we will put it into practice out on the river.
  10. How to keep yourself safe on the water - 22nd November - Beginner - Learn the skills to keep yourself and others safe on your chosen craft, with the skills from Woodmill’s safety and rescue course.
  11. Cold water rolling progression - 4th October - Intermediate - Now you’ve mastered the art of rolling, put it in to practice outside.
  12. SUP Yoga - Beginner - Come spend some time in the great outdoors being zen, and using your yoga muscles. No prior yoga experience necessary.


Full refund if cancelled 21 days prior to the commencement date

If cancelling a booking more than 21 days prior to the activity commencement date, alternative dates, course credit or a refund can be offered. For some cancellations an administration fee may be charged. Cancellations within 21 days are charged at the full rate and non-refundable.

Cancellation of any booking must be made in writing. For cancellations with less than 48 hours’ notice, please contact the venue direct by telephone. Please familiarise yourself with our full booking Terms and Conditions by clicking here.

If the conditions on the day aren’t ideal but the activity is still taking place, refunds & rescheduling will only be provided under special circumstances. We look forward to seeing you at your sessions. If you have any questions in the meantime, please get in touch with a member of the team.

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