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We are really trying to be socially responsible with regards to Guidelines for Social Distancing.We realise that there are people out there that are at high risk, some even within our own families. So we are taking this very seriously and hope you all are too. Whilst we would really love to see everybody, please respect our space by allowing at least 2m from our staff.

We will be restricting numbers that come and hire per hour to reduce numbers forming around the Surf School.

As stated we are a small business (self-employed) and can really feel everyone’s worries, we will be trying to ride through the turbulent times ahead and hope that the plan detailed below will be acceptable to everyone who really needs Vitamin Sea.

Social Distancing Hire Rules

1.ALL HIRE MUST BE PRE BOOKED – allotted times will be released each evening by 5pm for the next day. To book you can visit our website at will be issuing times slots for 1 hour hire, at an interval of 30 minutes. So you must be punctual as your time slot will not be extended.

2.TWO PEOPLE PER BOOKING – This is to prevent a large number of people forming at the surf school. Exceptions if a family is from the same household we could potentially increase the number but this will be at the discretion of our staff and must be pre arranged. Book your slot and then call Zoee on 07961714993 to add extra numbers.

3.ALL HIRERS MUST ENSURE THAT THEY HAVE WASHED THEIR HANDS THOROUGHLY BEFORE COMING TO THE SURF SCHOOL – There are local toilets further down the promenade, please also try to go to the toilet before hiring to increase hygiene standards.

4.WE WILL NOT TAKE BOOKINGS FROM ANYONE IN THE AT RISK CATEGORIES –This is the first time we have given an upper age restriction, but anyone over the age of 70 will not be hired too. If you or a close family member are in any of the at risk groups (underlying illnesses as per the NHS website) we advise you not to book.

5.DO NOT COME IF YOU HAVE EVEN THE MILDEST SYMPTOMS – This virus is really not about the healthy, who will more than likely fight this virus with not much more than a sore throat and a dry cough.It is about the people that really need our protection, so if you turn up and have any of the symptoms, you will be turned away and you will not be given a refund.

What to expect upon arrival.

1.We ask you to arrive 15 minutes before your allotted time.

2.Your equipment will be waiting outside the building for you, to keep our 2m social distancing from staff.

3.Use of the inside changing rooms will not be allowed, so you will be expected to get changed outside on the Promenade.We recommend you bring a bag for your belongings; we will retrieve this once you have started walking down to the beach.

4.You will be expected to return kit on time, so a means to tell the time is essential.This is to prevent a cross over and a congregation of people.

What we will be doing to ensure hygiene is maintained.

1.All staff will wash their hands with soap, prior to handling any hire equipment/bags.

2.Surfboards will be scrubbed down after every use with Eco – Friendly Sanitizer.

3.Wetsuits will be washed in our usual thorough way, but will not be used for 72 hours after initial use, as this is the expected time that the virus can survive on these surfaces.

4.We will remain 2m away from all customers and general public.

We are going to test the above on Saturday 21st March.If the system doesn’t work and we feel that people are not respecting social distancing guidelines we may have to consider closing which will greatly impact us. So please be conscious, stay a safe distance and ensure you have pre booked.

What to bring

Your own bag to keep your cloths and belongings.

Your own Towel and trunks.

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