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Yoga and Sup sunset/moon rise

mix - Up to 12 people


MAI Adventures collaborates with Emma Forde Yoga to bring a unique experience.

Find strength and balance with an energising yoga practice before stepping on the board for a stunning river paddle. Have a bit of fun trying out some yoga poses and finish with a meditation connecting land and water as the sun sets and the full moon rises.

What to bring

  1. Yoga mat
  2. Water in a reusable bottle
  3. Warm clothes
  4. Leggings you don’t mind getting wet
  5. Warm waterproof top
  6. Head torch
  7. Warm socks/ clothes/ beanie for afterwards
  8. Bring a big smile and some positive energy
  9. A mug of tea
  10. Gloves


Due to tides and the sunset we need to make sure we start on time so please arrive at 20 minutes before the session starts.

Please bring a big smile and loads of good energy.


  1. Arrive to set up boards on water and mats on the ground 20mins prior to session
  2. Yoga
  3. Paddleboard journey
  4. A moon salutation on the board
  5. Sunset meditation either on the boards or on the mats
  6. Enjoy some yogi tea


Standard: Guaranteed full refund if cancelling 72h prior.

You will be entitled to a full refund under the following circumstances:

  • If your booking is under £200 and you cancelled at least a full 24h prior to the activity start time.
  • If your booking is over £200 and you cancelled at least a full 72h prior to the activity start time.
  • If the centre cancels the activity at any time.

If the conditions on the day aren’t ideal but the activity is still taking place, refunds & rescheduling will only be provided under special circumstance

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Please meet at Cargreen Park. Parking available.

Mai Adventures
£45 for adults
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