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Self Launch (Full Day) - MEMBERS ONLY

Coed Y Paen
mix - Up to 50 people



We welcome you to launch your own equipment on the lake in a controlled and safe environment. Watersport activities comes with an inherent risk, the safety of all water users will always be priority. The following craft are permitted to be self-launched on the lake:

  1. Canoes: Craft must be fitted with sufficient buoyancy to remain floating above the gunwale line when full of water.
  2. Dinghies: One person aboard must hold RYA Stage 3 or Level 2 Basic Skills.
  3. Closed Cockpit Kayaks: minimum of 2 paddlers with or without spray deck and must be fitted with sufficient buoyancy to remain floating when full of water.
  4. Sit on Top Kayaks: must have inherent buoyancy.
  5. Paddle boards: Must be always leashed to the board.
  6. Windsurfers: Must hold RYA Stage 3 / Start Windsurfing.
  7. Wing boarders: Must be able to sail upwind in light wind conditions.


  1. Foiling is permitted, this activity may be zoned during peak times.
  2. The launching of inflatables and beach toys is strictly prohibited. If you feel that your craft is sufficiently robust to be exempt from this classification. (N.B. if the craft cannot be safely paddled a distance to shore after sustaining a puncture, it will not be deemed safe to be used on site).

What to bring

New for 2021 Season

We have invested in improvements to the Watersports rigging area (adjacent to Watersports Centre). There is ample green space to safely rig wind and wing surfing equipment, access to the water is via the designated slipways. For our paddlers there is a free to use electric pump located on the side of the building with astro turf to allow you to safely place your boards down without fear of damage. For allow users there are also lockers located near the rear of the building.


Minimum requirements:

Ø 3rd Party Public Liability Insurance (available through all NGBs).

Ø Minimum safety and quality standard for the craft. (Duty Managers decision is final).

Ø A correctly fitting buoyancy aid (EN 393) must be always worn when on the water. This may be replaced by an impact vest when using a harness. (Life jackets are allowed however we would advise not to use automatically inflating ones).

Ø Minimum age on the water is 5 years*

Ø Valid launch permit for the duration of your session

*A life jacket (EN 395) must be worn by all children aged between 5 and 7 years. These can be hired from the Activity Centre.


Please note the last launch is 1 hour before the end of the session (4pm and 7pm* only when offering evening sessions). Water closes at 5pm daily unless advertised otherwise.

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