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Open Water Swimming

Coed Y Paen
swim - Up to 30 people


Open Water Swim Sessions* - please note that in order to book you must hold a 'Swim Membership'.

Last swimmer entry 20 minutes prior to session end time. You do not have to attend at the starting time of the session - sessions are now 1.5hours open to all during October.

*IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST SWIM - If this is your first swim session here at Llandegfedd you must select 'Swim Induction' as part of your online booking (found as an ad-on when booking your swimming slot) you will attend a 10 minute 'Welcome to the Water' Induction session prior to your first swim. ***PLEASE AIM TO ARRIVE swim ready and booked in 9AM where possible***

NB: Please note there will be a short walk to the start of the swim course.

Any bookings without a valid Swim Membership will be refunded and you will not be able to swim on that day.

*Please note session times may vary as daytime light levels drop, see booking options for most up to date session timings.

Club/Group Swim bookings - please note all swimmers must be booked in to swim with the associated Club/Group. Swimmer names cross checked with Club lists.

What to bring


Please bring your own wetsuit and swimmer cap (the more brightly coloured the better!). Wetsuits are currently mandatory here.

Optional goggles, wet socks/boots and tow float.

You may wish to bring flip flops/suitable footwear for the walk to/from the entry/exit from the water.

Please arrive 'swim ready' at the moment whilst the facilities indoors are closed due to Covid-19 - as soon as we can open the facilities we will update all. We do have modesty areas to change in which are outdoors at this time and outdoor toilets positioned behind the Water Sports centre.

*PLEASE NO Fins/flippers

*PLEASE NO in ear headphones

*PLEASE NO hard hand paddles

*PLEASE NO snorkels

Post Swim Considerations:

Please ensure you bring warm clothes for afterwards. Following a swim in cold outdoor water your body temperature can continue to drop for some time afterwards. It's important to be aware of this and keep warm as soon as you can following your swim.


There may be a short walk to the start of the swim course, be prepared to walk 5 minutes across to the start of the course.

Wetsuits & Bright coloured swim hat must be worn.

You are free to bring a tow-float.

Other optional equipment to consider - goggles, wet socks, tow float.


  1. Please aim to arrive 15 minutes prior to session start time.
  2. On arrival you will be able to access the parking by the Water Sports Centre using the barrier to the front of the Visitor Centre (current code 5021). *Please do not block other cars in / additional parking can be found in top car parks but 10 minute walk from the water Sports centre.
  3. Report to Water Sports Centre Reception to check in - please ensure medical declarations / waivers have been signed ahead of arrival.
  4. Arrive 'swim ready' where possible - currently outdoor changing / modesty areas are available if you do need to change / get a wetsuit on/off etc
  5. Swimmer briefing will take place in front of the Water Sports Centre building at the start of each swim session.
  6. You may be required to walk a short distance to the start of the swim course this should take around 5 minutes.
  7. Please allow time to acclimatise in the water before heading off for your swim.
  8. Swim sessions will be open for an hour, last swimmer entry will be 20 minutes before the end of the session.

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