Lewis Crathern Kitesurfer


I left school with an A* in P.E and was part of the most successful sporting era our school had ever seen. I like to practise many of the coaching methods that I was taught back then during my coaching sessions today. Along the way I've picked up my own techniques whilst seeking out new ways to engage people to bring out the best in their riding. I love to work with a variety of abilities from beginner to advanced but my deep passion however lies within the most unique part of Kitesurfing - Boosting

Coaching is a profession of love, and if you don't love what your doing passing it on to others is impossible. Come and join me where ever I am around the world in a friendly interactive coaching session.

My qualifications include....

RYA Powerboat Level 2 / RYA First Aid / BKSA Official Coach

BKSA Coachbeing the highest level of instructor within theBritish Kitesports syllabus.

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