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Family Camp Fire

food/drink - Up to 30 people


It is no secret that we love to have a campfire and cook on it as well. They are cosy, fun, magical, and add a sense of adventure to our outdoor trips. I believe it benefits children and there is much to be learned from having campfires.

The top Benefits for children are:

  1. learn a lot about science.
  2. learn some basic survival and bushcraft skills.
  3. learn about fire safety.
  4. have the enjoyment and excitement of being around a campfire.
  5. learn how to cook on a fire and about outdoor meal preparation.

Most importantly kids can enjoy their time with the whole family.


Reasonable with at least 48h notice

  1. Full refund if the booking is under or equal to £200 and cancelled at least a full 48h prior to the activity start time.
  2. Full refund if the booking is over £200 and cancelled at least a full 72h prior to the activity start time.
  3. If the conditions on the day aren’t ideal but the activity is still taking place, refunds & rescheduling will only be provided under special circumstances.

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Where we'll meet

You will meet our instructor at the Bushcraft area.

Greenwood Loch Holiday Park & Activity Centre
£0 per person

Fri, 29th Oct
16:00 - 17:30 · 16 spaces left


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