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Home Water Pay & Play SUP

sup - Up to 5 people


We are delighted to be able to reopen Home Water lake for DIY Pay & Play SUP access, whilst being Covid-19 alert. This access is for those who can paddle self sufficiently, in terms of bringing all their own SUP kit (boards need to be insured) and clothing, have competent paddling/self rescue ability, who can swim 25m clothed and who want to get access to paddle on this beautiful lake.

These are NOT coached or instructed sessions but there will be BSUPA Instructors on site to make sure the lake and environs are used safely.

Children are welcome to attend as long as each child is accompanied and supervised, both on and off the water, at all times by their parent or legal guardian, on a 1:2:1 ratio. Children must be able to swim 25m clothed and must wear their own well fitting personal buoyancy aid whilst on the site.

Anyone wanting to paddling solo (i.e. ONE person paddling on ONE SUP board) INCLUDING CHILDREN must have a BSUPA 'Ready to Ride' competence certificate or equivalent. If you or your child does not have this please contact us so that we can give you the dates and details of our BSUPA Ready to Ride courses.

Cost if using your own board:

Adults - £12.50

Children - 11 years or older £5 (please select the child’s price option at checkout)

Children - 10 years or younger £2.50 (please select the discount option to be applied at checkout)

Cost if using Frangipani SUP board:

Adults only - £25 (please select it as an additional item at checkout)

(Frangipani SUP HUB members and Race Team members please apply your £2.50 discount at checkout.)

Everyone on the lake site must adhere to the Government's current Covid-19 rules and maintain social distancing at all times, unless with others in the their household/bubble. We have limited numbers and staggered session start times to help with this. (If you can’t find a start time to suit you, please contact us as we can manipulate the booking process somewhat.)

Please bring a pen and dry bag with a small outdoor first aid kit with hand sanitiser per household/bubble group and be prepared to self-administer first aid where appropriate.

Wearing paddling footwear is mandatory at all times (it's a fishing lake) as is wearing a personal buoyancy aid (or a manually inflating buoyancy belt for adults only).


Please maintain social distancing of at least 1m at all times unless with members of your household or bubble.

Carpark space limitations means that only spectators coming with you in your car will be allowed to attend. (Their names must be given as part of this booking process and they too will be temperature checked and must maintain social distancing.

Any spectator aged under 17 year's old must be accompanied and supervised by their parent or legal guardian at all times, and be kept on the footpaths away from the lake edges.) Thanks,

Please park in the fisheries car park opposite the lake entrance and walk your kit across the road to the lake gate (which will remain locked). Parking space is limited so please park considerately. Please take care to watch out for vehicles on the road. Thanks.

Arrive at the lake gate at your session start time, not earlier, not later. Thanks.

Put your kit under the gate and then enter the site through the wooden entrance hut, one person at a time.

Your name will be checked off the list and your temperature will be taken. If it is over 37.5 degrees you will not be permitted into the session (although you can have a retest if you have been sitting in a hot car!).

If it's your first time here with us in 2020, please take a blank lake disclaimer form from the table in the hut and take it with you into the site for completion.

Find some space on the grass and lay out your kit. Sorry but we cannot secure any valuables or keys for you - everything you bring onto the site is done so at your own risk.

Please do not share your kit with anybody outside of your household group/bubble.

Get ready promptly and launch with ready.

Please please your completed and signed a lake disclaimer form (if applicable) in the tray on the main entry pontoon.

Look at the map of the lake on the main pontoon to note the hazards/shallow areas. If you are not sure please ask. The lake is extremely shallow near the main pontoon (fin depth only).

Launching will be done from the main pontoon. Please don't hang around on the pontoon but launch promptly.

Exiting the water will be from the pontoon to the left of the main pontoon as you look at it from the grass.

Please launch from, and return to, the pontoon/s on your knees.

STRICTLY NO JUMPING OR DIVING OFF SUP BOARDS AT ANY TIME as you could seriously hurt yourself.

Please maintain social distancing on the water as well as across the site.

The pavilion will be kept locked but we can open it if you need to use the loo. Please sanitise your hands with gel before you enter the pavilion and use the disinfectant spray in the loo to sanitise door handles and the loo flush etc. plus wash you hands thoroughly. (We will leave various sanitising items on the picnic table near the pavilion door.)

When you have finished paddling, please pack up promptly and leave the site, taking any litter with you.

Thank you very much for your patience and cooperation as we all endeavour to remain Covid-19 alert yet give you access to this very special watery place.

Any problems or questions, please just ask us. Thank you.

What to bring

Please see activity details


Swim 25m clothed

BSUPA 'Ready to Ride' competence certificate or equivalent


If you need to cancel and want a refund, please do so within 48 hours of the start time of your booking.

Although we hope you don't need to cancel your booking, you can do so at any time up to 48 hours prior the start time of the booked SUP activity and receive a full refund. If you cancel within 48 hours of the start time of the booked SUP activity, or you are very late for or do not attend the booked SUP activity (i.e. a ‘no-show’) you will not receive a refund. Thanks for your understanding.

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