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Tri-Hards Beach Kiteflying

p. kite - Up to 10 people


This 1.5 hour session is for everyone that wants to get the most out of their water kitesurf lessons. Everyone loves ‘Flying a Kite’ & this practical 1.5hr taster is about you doing just that. Starting on small 2 line 3mtr foil kites to understand the wind window , launching, landing, Power zone & Progression to the bigger depowerable foil kites using a harness to get the feeling of trim and improve kite awareness. We recommend that this lesson is carried out before the water kitesurf lesson. Better still is to check out our online shop & buy a small powerkite to gain this invaluable practice

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£34 per person

Sat, 8th Aug
09:00 - 10:30 · 10 spaces left
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