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BKSA Wingsurfing Instructor Course

other - Up to 8 people


Wing surfing is the latest watersport to hit our shores and combines the amazing freedom of foiling with wind power, without masts, lines or ropes. It has obvious similarities to a number of skills from Kiting, foiling, sailing, windsurfing and SUP. It can be done on flat, bumpy and wavey water and also can be done inland on previously ‘un-kiteable’ venues across the UK. It’s easy and straight forward to learn, especially if you have some previous credentials above. Like all watersports it requires some tuition and guidance to avoid negative or unsafe experiences.

Course Summary

This course is designed to introduce a safe and logical beginner session to wingsurfing. Starting on a non-foiling board and progressing onto a larger foiling board setup. The course will familiarise candidates with the scheme, Knowing the safety, stages of learning, equipment, ratios and location that tuition can occur in. And looking into the future for of this emerging sport and its disciplines.


Any BKSA Kiteboarding/ RYA windsurfing/ BSUPA Paddleboarding Level 1, instructor with thefollowing experience and skills:


• 50 logged hours of teaching

• Capable of riding a medium sized semi floatation board

• Good wing control and power generation

• Able to go across the wind in both directions

• Perform a consistent basic turn in both directions


• Able to ride in control both on and off the foil

• Be able to make ground efficiently to windward and leeward

• Be able to turn on and off the foil

(Based on a reasonable foil setup, medium aspect foil and mast length and board volume)

What can you then teach?

Once endorsed as a WINGSURFING INSTRUCTOR you will be licensed to teach taster/ learn to WINGSURF and WINGSURF FOILING (subject to qualification level) sessions within a BKSA, RYA Windsurfing, and BSUPA recognised school with the correct equipment and location. Ratio is limited to four students and two wings non foiling and two students two sets of equipment for foiling.


Standard: Guaranteed full refund if cancelling 72h prior.

You will be entitled to a full refund under the following circumstances:

  • If your booking is under £200 and you cancelled at least a full 24h prior to the activity start time.
  • If your booking is over £200 and you cancelled at least a full 72h prior to the activity start time.
  • If the centre cancels the activity at any time.

If the conditions on the day aren’t ideal but the activity is still taking place, refunds & rescheduling will only be provided under special circumstance

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