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Dittons Paddle Boarding - Hampton Court, Thames Ditton & Walton

Dittons Paddle Boarding Club Membership

We are a community of paddle boarders who want to explore our environment, the waterways near and far. We are a family. Some of us like exploring the back waterways, finding new places to paddle. Some of us like to race. Others just relax and drift on the current, before paddling for home. - - For Families, we only need one adult with a Full membership, but if there is a second adult and your family sees benefit from the club, then please think about buying a second membership, to help support the club add all that we do. - - For Students we have a special Student Rate - We would like you to show your Student card when you come along to your first club session along with putting the number in to the online details. - - For the Retired and unemployed, we have a special community rate. Please don't abuse this special rate as if it becomes clear that you are not eligible for the rate, you will be asked to pay the full membership rate. We are all Dittons Paddle Boarders.