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Kitesurfing 2-Day Course

Camber, East Sussex
kite - Up to 4 people


PLEASE NOTE - We run sessions daily - If there are no time slots available for you please request to book underneath the calendar

Come down to camber Sands for a beginners course in Kitesurfing:

1 Day: Learning to fly.

We start with a quick briefing including site assessment, then it's on to flying power kites! We use Flexifoil and Peter lynn trainer kites, they will really help you to get a good feel of controlling kites with control bar.

 Once a reasonable level of control and confidence has been reached, we then move on to some small inflatable L.E.I (leading edge inflatable) kites and learn rigging, safety systems and launching and landing.  

 Then the wetsuits are put on and we hit the water for some body dragging (skidding along the water using the power of the kite).

 The day includes setting up of kites, flying and confidence building (flying larger kites), safety and generally having a ball. Learn how to harness the power of the kite and utilise it to propel yourself through the water (body dragging)

2 Day: Becoming a Kitesurfer. 

A quick recap and board theory, then it's on the water. We aim to turn you in to a self sufficient kite surfer!

 We start the day by quickly recapping the key points of the previous kite surfing lesson, then you will set up your kites and get in to the water for a quick body dragging session. Once you have a feel for the kite again we go through some board theory, rights of way and safety aspects, then its your turn to try some board starts!

  We aim to hone your board start technique, so you can confidently dive the kite, generating the power needed to get up on the board.

 On day 2 you will really start to gather all the aspects of kitesurfing together. 

 Throughout the day we will teach you kite etiquette, and give you the tips and tricks you need to become a REAL KITEBOARDER!!                      

What to bring


-Snack & cold drink

-Sun protection

-Trainers (flat-soles)


Need to be a confident swimmer!

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£180 for adults
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