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iSUP hire: 1Day Click&Collect Brancaster

sup - Up to 7 people


1 Day Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard rental package:

Rent your own paddleboard and paddle where you like, when you like!

The NW Norfolk coast has paddling to suit all, from dramatic striped cliffs, beautiful long beaches, ankle snapping waves, creeks, saltmarshes, picturesque coastal harbours, birdlife, and even seals.

A paddleboard is a glorious way to escape the hustle and bustle and find your own perfect serenity, deep in the beautiful wildlife and nature.


First board is £50 every board after that is half price.

1 board - £50

2 boards - £75 (£37.50 pp)

3 Boards £100 (£33.33 pp)

4 Boards £125 (£31.25 pp)

Multi day Discounts

To book multiple days, please select the package closest to your requirements. Group discounts still apply, with every extra board at half price - see the appropriate package for breakdown.

1 day - £50

Weekend ( 2 days). - £90

Long weekend (4 days) £120

Week (7 days) - £150

Fortnight (14 days) - £300

Booking Requirements

Solo paddlers - you must be an experienced paddler and over 18

Groups - Must be accompanied by a parent / guardian over 18 and at least 1 member of the group must be an experienced paddler responsible for the group's safety.

Boards may also be booked to take part in activities offered by other providers where there will be an instructor/ guide responsible for your safety and/or tuition.

Rental includes: Paddle-board, Paddle, Leash

The board can be supplied inflated - in which case you will need suitable transport for a 10'8 board ( either a van. pick up or roof racks)

or, deflated with a dual cylinder hand pump for you to inflate on location. Please specify on booking.

The Red Paddle Co Ride 10'8

As versatile as a Swiss Army knife. This all-round board is perfect for every type of rider to enjoy the water.

This Ride series iSUPS are designed to glide over the water in all conditions. perfect for the variability and choice on offer in NW Norfolk!

Whether you feel like a leisurely paddle on the lake with friends, or an action-packed adventure in head-high surf, this board offers a smooth and predictable ride. No matter what type of rider you are, you’ll have endless fun on this all-round board. 

The extra few inches length in the 10'8 board offers super stability and performance.

Made from Red's exclusive MSL material, at 4.7”/120mm thick, this board provides increased stiffness at lower pressure, making it 40% stiffer than a standard 4”/100mm board.

The rounded tail makes the board easy to manoeuvre, so it’s also a great beginner board too. 

Perhaps the biggest advantage of having an extra stable board is that you can easily carry a small passenger on board and a picnic too, which is why our 10’8″ Ride is such a hit with family paddlers!

As with all Red Paddle Co boards, you’ll have peace of mind that your board is super durable with superior stiffness, made for any watery adventure you can throw at it. 

What to bring

Full paddleboard kit is provided - board, leash, BA, and paddle.

Please make sure you have appropriate clothing for being in the water, as this is not provided. Wetsuits with water shoes/wetsuit boots are ideal. Alternatively, leggings/shorts/tee- shirts, multiple layers/activewear with dry clothes for after are also good. When the sea temperature is very cold, then wetsuits are safest to avoid cold water shock on falling in.

A snack is always lovely and depending on what your plans are, picnics, cake, etc!

Sunscreen is always advisable along with headwear and sunnies where needed.

Don't forget towels for after!

A waterproof bag is a nice idea to put your essentials in - amazon sells dry bags very cheaply.

We wouldn't recommend taking valuables as dropping iPhones in the sea causes very sad faces, however, amazon do stock waterproof phone cases which can be nice for taking photos, and if you are planning a longer trip, further afield, then a means of communication is a safety essential.

Similarly, a first aid kit isn't always needed if just pootling near shore, but if you are intending in doing some touring, then it's better to be prepared, and on that note, we also like to do longer trips with a roll of gaffa tape too.

If touring/planning a trip, please do take the appropriate safety precautions including checking tides and weather, and letting someone know your route and eta, or log this on the RYA safe Trx app. details here:


You must be Over 18 to hire and any Under 18's within the group must be supervised at all times by an over 18 parent / guardian.

You must have experience of paddling and be competently able to look after yourself on the water (equivalent to BSUPA L1) and any in the group must be supervised at all times by someone able to ensure their safety.

You must not paddle under the influence of alcohol / drugs.


Refunds offered with 1 weeks notice, Credit notes available for unsafe weather.

*Refunds will not be offered for rental bookings made in advance (24hrs +) due to weather - customers are responsible for checking weather and tides and making sure they are suitable, and for assessing the risk of changing weather.

*If the advance booking is for 1 day or less and the weather has changed significantly to be unsafe, then a credit note will be issued for a future date, within 6 months, subject to board availability.

*if the advance booking is fro 2 days + and the entire time period has been unsafe due to weather then a credit note will be issued fro use within 6 mths, subject to board availability.

*Immediate Rental sessions will not be made available for bookings with less than 24hrs notice unless the weather is safe, in the event of a dramatic weather change, a credit note will be issued for use within 6 months, subject to board availability.

*Refunds will not be available on 2day+ rentals where the the wetaher was unsuitable for a portion of the time period.

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