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Beach Squad Kids Club

mix - Up to 6 people


Make these holidays the best your kids have ever had!

Big Green Surf School's hugely popular weekly kids club will return again this summer.

From Monday to Friday each week the kids will enjoy a full 2 hours of activities each day, all centred around the beach and the surf, and all under the constant supervision of our amazing Big Green Surf School Coaches. Activities each week will vary with the tide and conditions but include surfing, SUP, bodyboarding and of course plenty of fun, games and good times!

The timings vary week by week with the tide & conditions, so any changes will be confirmed approx 1 week prior to start - the below is a guide to the timings on each week assuming ideal conditions:

  1. w/c 31st May - Mon 2pm - Tue 2pm - Wed 2pm - Thu 12pm - Fri 1pm
  2. w/c 19th July - Mon 12:30pm - Tue 1:30pm - Wed 10am - Thu 10am - Fri 10am
  3. w/c 26th July - Mon 12pm - Tue 12pm - Wed 12pm - Thu 8:30am - Fri 9:30am
  4. w/c 2nd August - Mon 12pm - Tue 1:30pm - Wed 10am - Thu 10am - Fri 10am
  5. w/c 9th August - Mon 10am - Tue 10am - Wed 10am - Thu 8am - Fri 8:30am
  6. w/c 16th August - Mon 2pm - Tue 2pm - Wed 1:30pm - Thu 2:30pm - Fri 10am
  7. w/c 23rd August - Mon 10am - Tue 10am - Wed 10am - Thu 7:30am - Fri 8am
  8. w/c 30th August - Mon 10am - Tue 11am - Wed 10am - Thu 10am - Fri 10am
  9. w/c 18th October - Mon 4pm - Tue 10am - Wed 10am - Thu 10am - Fri 10am
  10. w/c 25th October - Mon 12pm - Tue 12pm - Wed 12pm - Thu 9am - Fri 10:30am

All equipment is included free of charge and every participant gets a free exclusive KIDS CLUB T-Shirt!

Spaces are limited so click the 'BOOK NOW' button and reserve your spaces now so you don't miss out.

*PLEASE NOTE - Due to the extra considerations around C-19, we have additional procedures in place which may take extra time to complete. Please allow ample time when arriving at Big Green and ensure you're with as 15 minutes prior to your lesson time as a minimum - thanks!

What to bring

  1. Swimwear
  2. Towel
  3. Sunscreen


The Beach Squad includes a lot of different activities, each with their own requirements and challenges. Kids will need a basic level of fitness but we'll go at the speed of the group and make sure no-one is left behind!

There are a couple of really important things that each child must be able to do:

  • Swim unaided for at least 25m
  • Go from lying on the floor to standing up within 5 seconds

If you're in any doubt as to your child's ability levels or water confidence then please get in touch and we can advise accordingly.


The itinerary is flexible to adapt to each group's preferences as well as the weather and tide conditions, however each week the group will complete the following:

  1. Welcome brief on the first day
  2. 2 hours of activities each day covering activities such as Surfing, SUP, Bodyboarding, Monster SUP & Beach Games
  3. Prize-giving & debrief


Cancellation Policy

Any cancellations or changes to your pre-booked activity or package with Big Green Surf School (BGSS) must be made in writing and will only be accepted from the date they are received by BGSS.

BGSS will make every effort to accommodate changes in any instance and will not financially penalise the participant if the cancellation/amendment does not detriment BGSS, it’s staff or other clients, however will adhere to the conditions detailed below if unable to do so.

To be eligible for a refund the cancellation/change must fall within the following criteria:

  1. The lesson is cancelled by BGSS due to enforced closure or limited operational ability as a result of Covid 19 guidance or regulations - VOUCHER TO FULL VALUE OF BOOKING
  2. The participant is unable to attend due to reasons relating to Covid 19, including but not limited to local regulations, shielding, positive tests, symptoms - VOUCHER TO FULL VALUE OF BOOKING
  3. A lesson/package is cancelled by BGSS for reasons which could reasonably considered to be within it’s control (i.e. not including environmental conditions or issues caused by third parties) - VOUCHER TO FULL VALUE OF BOOKING or FULL REFUND
  4. The participant requests the cancellation/change of a lesson/package with the following minimum notice
  7. Less than 7 days - NO REFUND

Refunds will not be considered if:

  1. Tuition is refused in line with the Refusals Policy.
  2. The participant terminates the booking due to refusal to sign the necessary declaration form prior to commencing their chosen activity or package.

BGSS will issue any refunds as detailed above in the form of a voucher valid for 1 calendar year to the appropriate value. This voucher is valid to be redeemed against any BGSS product, activity or package as detailed on the voucher. Only in extenuating circumstances will BGSS issue a monetary refund after discussion with the necessary parties

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£130 for children

Mon 31st May - Fri 4th Jun
14:00 - 16:00 every day · 6 spaces left
Mon 19th - Fri 23rd Jul
12:30 - 14:30 every day · 5 spaces left
Mon 26th - Fri 30th Jul
12:00 - 14:00 every day · 6 spaces left

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