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SUP Beginners

sup - Up to 5 people


Looking to learn to Stand Up Paddle Board, then this is the perfect place to begin your journey. Based in Thorpe Bay in Essex we offer people the opportunity to get started in one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. We provide all the equipment required for your lesson, and all you have to do is come along and let us do the rest. Our SUP experience comes with so many benefits, from health and calorie burning factors to vitamin-d and that all magical Blue Therapy. We look forward to meeting and sharing this with you, so see you on the water soon.

What to bring

Please bring swimwear and beach shoes or an old pair of trainers, a towel and a change of clothes for afterwards. Sunglasses should be attached with toggles to prevent from losing them. We highly recommend water as it can be quite thirsty work and if hot dehydrating, and don’t forget your sun cream.

NOTE; due to hygiene risks we do not supply wetsuits or beach/water shoes.


If you are in any doubts regarding undertaking paddle boarding as a lesson, please consult your doctor first.


This is were the fun begins and following getting into our water attire we will provide a brief history of Sup and a run down of all your equipment including set up and paddle adjustment.

Time now for a pre sup stretch then our short safety briefing before heading to the shoreline to include how to carry your board safely avoiding injury to yourself or others.

Before we head out onto the water to teach you how to stop and cover some of the basic turns including the sweep turn. we demonstrate and explain the importance of leaving and returning to shore safely to avoid damaging yourself or your board.

Now we cover several options to obtain the standing position from kneeling, talk and demonstrate posture and it’s importance and the role it plays in terms of sup before moving on to three other board positions.

While standing and practicing our stroke technique and our turns we discuss tides and current along with how to deal with various waves including rolling, chop and white horses.

Time to get wet now as we introduce board recovery for those inevitable times when should you fall off (which is always welcomed with resounding cheers and applause from fellow paddlers) and the various options and ways available to you.

There will be ample beach stops to rest those jelly legs and rehydrate with Q&U and reapply any sun creams before moving on to the final phase of the session.

Concluding the session with our infamous fidget spinners game and time for the more confident paddlers to try the surf stance and step back turn, then you will have some free practice to enjoy sup’in.

Lastly is time for group and individual photo opportunities along with Q&A before a post sup cool down stretch to help reduce any muscle soreness.

We appreciate any feedback and reviews are always greatly welcomed following your lesson, we ask kindly if you could rate and write a review for us as these prove invaluable to others.

Lesson conclusion and a sincere thank you for choosing us to teach you ,and discussion on what next and what choices you have following on from your Sup Experience.

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Please arrive 15 minutes before we start to allow to get ready. We are based behind The Cameila Hotel with a free large car park.

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