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Thames Natural History Beginners

sup - Up to 6 people


Join us for the Thames Natural History Tour, as we explore London’s biggest blue space, the wonderful River Thames.

The River Thames was once biologically dead due to industrial pollution, but since the 1970s wildlife has been returning and thriving. And we’re on a mission to find it!

The Thames is now home to more than 125 species of fish, which in turn support two species of seal, deep-diving cormorants, stealthy grey herons and more.

As we paddle, you will also learn about the natural history and ecology of the Thames, and the issues that still threaten this iconic waterway.

Discovering the Thames by paddleboarding is the perfect way to enjoy the unique perspective of the river’s wildlife and it can also help to relax and immerse ourselves in nature boosting mental and physical well-being.

This two-hour guided tour is suitable for paddlers who have never paddled on the tidal Thames with Active360 before. Find out more about the three-hour-long session suitable for returners who have experience paddling on the tidal Thames here.

What to bring

Try to arrive 'ready to go' if possible.

What to wear/bring?

Remember to check weather forecast and dress accordingly.

In warm weather (spring/summer):

  1. Gym/jogging type quick drying 'technical' clothing.
  2. Footwear is essential - neoprene/water shoes are best, if not a spare pair of trainers or old sandals (with a heel strap) will do. Your feet will get wet! NO FLIP FLOPS as you may lose them in the water and the river mud.
  3. Change of clothes and a towel just in case you take a little dip during your SUP lesson.
  4. Extra layers to put on after the activity (exercise makes us feel a bit chilly after).
  5. Waterproof case for your phone if you are planning to take it on water with you.
  6. Retainers for your glasses/sunglasses so you don't lose them.
  7. Wetsuits are available on site if required.
  8. Sunscreen is a MUST in the summer even on an overcast day.
  9. Make sure you arrive HYDRATED to your session (please start drinking water 1- 2 hrs before your session and drink plenty of water).

Where can I leave my belongings?

There are no lockers on site but personal belongings (in a bag) can be left in the arches.


You do not need to be a proficient swimmer but should be comfortable about falling into water while wearing a buoyancy aid.

A certain level of flexibility and ability to get up to standing from kneeling is required for learning to paddleboard.

You will need to shower/wash thoroughly after the session if you have fallen in or been splashed and need to ensure any open cuts are covered.

We have taken people with physical and mental disabilities out on the water however please contact us before booking as we may need to take you out privately to ensure you receive the coach's full attention.

We will also need to know of any recent injuries prior to the session.


We will set off from Kew Bridge and, using the tide, paddle either to Chiswick or to Isleworth where we will stop for a short break. Whilst waiting for the tide to turn, we will talk about the ecology and natural history of the Thames in depth. Once the tide turned, we will paddle back to Kew Bridge.


Free flexible rescheduling of sessions with 5 days notice

We understand circumstances change and you may wish to change the date/time of your session. We offer flexible rescheduling. Refunds minus admin/coaching fee will only be considered in unprecedented circumstances.

Flexible rescheduling:

  1. first reschedule is FREE if email request to reschedule is submitted 5 days before the session's start; every subsequent reschedule will be subject to £15 admin fee
  2. reschedule request submitted less than 5 days but more than 72hrs in advance will be subject to £15 admin fee
  3. reschedule request submitted more than 24hrs but less than 72hrs will be subject to 50% charge of the value of the session
  4. reschedule request submitted less than 24hrs is treated as 'cancelled on the day' and full charges apply; partial refunds or credit vouchers for parts of payment can be offered only in exceptional circumstances and depending on the session type

All requests to reschedule must be submitted by email to:


1. Cancellations by Active360 

We very rarely need to cancel or postpone sessions due to inclement weather, adverse river conditions or circumstances beyond our control e.g. unexpected river closures, red flag warnings etc. In such situations we will offer an alternative day/time at no extra charge accommodating your requirements as much as possible or a credit note for future booking if you are unable to make immediate alternative plans.  

Refunds will be considered in some circumstances but these are only made on individual basis.  

Weather conditions in the UK are changeable and we are used to operating in various conditions. When the conditions are not favourable we may contact you in advance to see whether you still wish to continue with your booking or you would rather postpone. 

We are not able to accommodate customers’ weather preferences and we have run some of our best and memorable sessions in challenging conditions e.g. rain and/or wind. 

Please share your concerns with us and we will be happy to discuss with you and make any reasonable adjustments to ensure you have an enjoyable experience.  

* All our business clients are advised to take out insurance against cancellation of event. Individual clients may wish to consider exploring this option. 

2. Changes to group sessions by Active360

Active360 reserves the right to reschedule timetabled group sessions due to low client demand (min. number of participants not reached) or instructor unavailability. Alternative dates will always be offered to customers at no extra charge. 

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