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Intermediate + Cold Water Swim Group

swim - Up to 20 people


This group is our 'Intermediate/Advanced Group'. Join this session if you:

  1. have experience with sea/cold water swimmer
  2. good frontcrawl
  3. swim more than 800m in 30 minutes (3'45 min/100m pace)

This is a winter sea session - cold water swimming! The temporature will be below 14 degrees.

This is a coached Open Water Swimming session based at the Royal William Yard/Firestone Bay, Plymouth. Safety cover will be provided by a qualified lifegaurd.

Date & Time: Session specific (book and pay separately)

Location: Firestone Bay (we meet by the tidal pool at Devils Point)

Groups will be formed (if required) based on ability, experience, and speed.

Swimmers MUST adhere to the governments social distancing rules.

Swimmers will be coached to their ability.

A tow floats OR a wetsuit is required for this session. If you wish to attend this session and swim without a wetsuit, a discussion will need to happen before booking (please contact me!)

To access these sessions swimmers must be able to swim at least 150m (email if concerned). This is a safety measure to ensure you are able to swim to land independently.

The water temperature will be below 14 degrees throughout this period. We will provide support in the water but it is the swimmers responisibility to ensure they warm up after the session. Ensure you bring warm clothing and wrap up quick after the session.

We do not take any responsibility for the arrival or departure. We would however advise that all participants (and spectators) respect social distancing, especially on land. As spectators, please be aware of the size of your group.

SESSIONS MAY BE CANCELLED AT SHORT NOTICE DUE TO THE WEATHER/SEA CONDITIONS. In the event of needing to cancel a session, you will be emailed with a full refund give.

T&Cs apply, please see the consent form for cancellation policy.

PLEASE NOTE: an updated consent form is required at least once since November 2020.

Swim England members will recieve a discounted price when booking this session.

What to bring

Wetsuit and/or a tow float

Swim suit



A warm change of clothes

A drybag/bag to protect towel/robe from the elements while we swim

Cheap footwear (to walk in)


Swim 150m


Arrive at the started time: meet at Firestone Bay beach

Session brief (social distance) *

25-30 minute training block: Distance/confidence set

Session ends *

*note: the session will start and end in the water. The start time is an approximate time.

All sessions will start between the advertised session time window.

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