We're building fast

by Daniel Steele

Compass is moving fast here at eola. In just the last month, we’ve gone from an unlaunched product to being live with way more than expected centres using us and we’re facilitating bookings left right and centre.

We’ve listened to our users; creating a more advanced agenda, with the ability to look head by up to 6 months, including summaries of all everything that’s happening that month.

Our improved agenda
Our improved agenda

We’ve made it possible to create time slots until a given date, and have one-off events.

You can customise availability with ridiculous accuracy

And we’ve added the ability to take payments in 3 different ways!

Take payment any way you like

And lastly, in the next few days we're adding a bunch of new activities, and we've been working on the icons.

Our new icons

12,000 lines of code have been carefully implemented in the last month alone. We're moving and growing fast. Ride the wave with us!


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